New Release – Jan 3, 2019

Happy New Year, everyone!

So here’s the first QuickSchools release for 2020:

  • Group School Improvements
    • Support for Invitations to Admissions Inquiry
    • Bug Fix when uploading files to the IEP App
  • Fee Tracking Improvements
    • Improve Screens for Payment Allocation
    • Bug Fixes related to Payment Allocation for Student Billing
  • General UI Improvements
    • Improve to Semester Activation (See below)
    • Improve Email Messaging from Report Creator
    • Improve Subject Enrollment Screen from Student record
    • Add Classes from the “Classes and Homerooms” screen
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes
    • Set Homework assign Date when posting from Lesson Plans (See below)
    • Increase character limit for Text Messaging (See below)
    • Search Report Cards by Student Tags
    • Gradebook Progress Report bug fix when using non-numeric Legend
    • Save attachment to Email Messaging History
    • Master Scheduler Step 4 bug fix to properly incorporate Breaks
    • Fix Time Stamp when sending alert for Recalculate Transcripts
    • Fixed billing on App Store
    • General Improvements to Android and iOS Apps

We also took the opportunity to run some server upgrades over the Christmas break. We should see some improvements to general performance and stability. We’ll continue to improve our services, in the coming weeks.

Improved Semester Activation

When activating a new empty academic term, you now have an additional option to copy the data forward WITHOUT activating the semester. This process is done in the background. The new screen has been reconfigured as follows:

Activate New Academic Term

Posting Homework from Lesson Plans

When posting Homework assignments from the Lesson Plans module, you now have the ability to set the Assigned Date and Due Date:

Post Homework Assignments from the Lesson Plans module

Character Limit for Text Messaging

When sending out text messages, there is no longer a 160 character limit. If your message exceeds 160 characters, the system will automatically break up the message into multiple text messages:

Send Text Messages exceeding 160 characters

Please note, that you will be billed according to the number of messages sent per recipient. For example, if your message contains 200 characters, which requires 2 text messages, you will be billed for 2 text messages per recipient.

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