New Release: Sprint E21

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Gradebook PDF support for Summary by Weight Factor (See Below)
    • Custom Template for Gradebook PDF
    • Custom Template for Gradebook Progress Report PDF
  • New Final Grades option for Gradebook Formula (See Below)
  • Attendance Improvements
    • Attendance PDF now supports specific academic terms (See Below)
    • Bug fix when taking attendance for large schools
    • Improve Attendance Pie Chart
  • Google Classroom
    • Draft Grades in Google Classroom is synchronized as blank/empty grade
  • Updated Data Dictionary for Report Creator now includes support for:
    • Graphing for Lesson Plans
    • Graphing for Number of Gradebook Columns
    • Clean-Up Attendance-related Fields
    • Filtering for Gradebook Public Comments
    • Filtering for Fee Tracking Transaction Date
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Gradebook PDF displays multiple teachers for shared subjects
    • Emailing from Report Creator no longer in Beta (See Below)
    • Restrict administrator from deactivating own record
    • Library tab on Student record
    • Library bug fix for inactive students
    • Improvements to WYSIWYG Editor for Email Messaging (Beta)
    • Improve Delete function for Admissions
    • Remove deprecated Merge Student function
    • Canvas Integration connection bug fix
    • Scheduler bug fix for deleted periods
    • Enrollment bug fix for Group Schools
    • Login Bug Fix

Gradebook PDF support for Summary by Weight Factor

We’ve had several schools request that the generated Gradebook PDF categorize all the assessments into groups, based on the Weight Factors in the Final Grade formula. This new improvement aims to address that need. However, since the majority of our schools are fine using our existing Gradebook PDFs, this new feature is only available by request.

How it works

First off, let’s get on the same page on how Weight Factors are set up in the Final Grade formula in a Gradebook. Here’s a sample Final Grade formula:

Example Gradebook Final Grade formula

Notice that there are 2 weight factors worth 60% and 40% respectively. Each weight factor can contain ONE OR MORE Gradebook categories. We now have custom templates that display assignments based on Weight Factor (examples below).

Gradebook PDF supports Summary by Weight Factor

Here’s a sample of the Gradebook PDF available on the Student record (when you go to the “Gradebook” tab). This PDF displays all subjects for a particular student:

Example Gradebook PDF with Summary by Weight Factor

Note that the assignments are grouped into categories. Each group shows the applied categories based on the formula, as well as a running average calculation.

Gradebook Progress Report PDF supports Summary by Weight Factor

Here’s another example of the Gradebook Progress Report PDF, available when teachers print the Progress Report from the Gradebook. This PDF is for a specific subject, and can contain multiple students to be printed together:

Example Gradebook Progress Report with Summary by Weight Factor

Term Grades option for Formula

This is an improvement that was several Sprints in the making. Up till now, Gradebooks have been specific to the academic term. And although the report cards are able to display grades from multiple terms, some schools have requested to view/access Final Grades from a previous term in the current Gradebook. So to facilitate this, we’ve introduced a new category of formula called “Term Grades”:

New “Term Grades” option in Gradebook Formula

When you expand the “Term Grades” section from within a formula, you will have access to the final grades from previous terms (within the current academic year). NOTE, the system will find/link subjects from previous terms based on the grade level and subject abbreviation. So as long as these remain the same throughout the academic year, the system will be able to match subjects.

Selected “Term Grades” appears as a grey column in Gradebook

Selected terms from the “Term Grades” section will appear as grey columns within your Gradebook as a reference, and is READ-ONLY.

Attendance Improvements

When printing the Attendance profile for a student, there’s now a new option to select academic term:

Select Academic Term with printing the Attendance Profile for a student

The start / end dates will default to the start / end dates of the selected academic term. But you can still select any date range you want when printing detail attendance records.

Emails from Report Creator

The Email function for the Report Creator has been in Beta for a while now. We’ve decided to make this feature public. So if you’re on the Athena Plan, you’ll now have the following options when configuring access for the Report Creator module:

Configure “Report Creator” from the Athena Plan

Likewise, if you’ve installed the Report Creator app from the App Store, configuring the app now has the following new elements:

Configure “Report Creator” from the App Store

Here’s some additional info on the new options in the Report Creator:

Feel free to chat in if you have further questions, or suggestions for future improvements.

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