Security Improvements

You may have received an email notification recently from QuickSchools letting you know about a new login to your account. This is a new security-related feature that was released recently. Basically, any time someone logs into your account either via a new IP address, or a new device, QuickSchools will send you an email notification.

Notification on “Login from New Device”

Recent Security Improvements

There are several other security-related features included in our recent release. In addition to new login, QuickSchools will also send out an email notification if you (1) change/reset your password, or (2) add/remove users to the School Admin role. Finally, with this new release, if you do change your password, anybody currently logged into your account will automatically be logged out.

If you notice any strange activity in your account, please change your password immediately. You should also contact your school’s administrative team, or contact QuickSchools support for assistance. We can help track down what might have happened to your account.

Security-Related Summary Reports

As a school administrator, you have access to Summary Reports that show user and login history. In particular, the “Portal Login History” Summary Report shows the history of all logins for any user in your school:

Updated Summary Reports for Security

With the recent release, the report now tracks Operating System and Browser Detail. In the near future, the report will also include Approximate Location based on IP. In the meantime, you can always use a service like to find the location of the user based on the IP.

“Portal Login History” Summary Report includes Operating System and Browser Details

Another report that might be useful to administrators, is the “Portal Logins / Usernames” Summary Report, since this report also shows the last time the user changed the password:

“Portal Logins by User” Summary Report includes Password Change Date

Improving Security for your School

Finally, if security is a concern, we recommend the following:

  • Never share login information – School administrators should create separate accounts for each user, so that any breach can be traced back to a single user.
  • Encourage passwords to be changed regularly – School administrators can use the Summary Report to check which users have not changed their passwords in a while.

Upcoming Improvements

In our effort to improve the general security of our software for all our users, we will soon be implementing two-factor authentication. We will also make it easier for users to review the login history to their account. Keep a lookout for these upcoming improvements. This is all in addition to the general upgrades to our infrastructure, to trace suspicious activity and deter unauthorized access to accounts.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our support team. We’d be happy to discuss security-related matters with you further.

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