Hibernation Mode

Thinking about deactivating your account due to a long summer break? Hibernation Mode is a better option for schools that have a long summer break or need a temporary hold placed on their account.

How does Hibernation Mode work?

  • Admin must send a request to turn on Hibernation to support@quickschools.com
  • QuickSchools keeps up with account maintenance, security, feature enhancements etc.
  • During hibernation nobody will be able to log in (not even administrators!). If someone attempts to access your site they will see the following message:

Hibernation Image

  • Hibernation can last for as long as needed
  • Account will continue to be billed monthly fee for maintaining the account
  • Just send us a quick email (as administrator) in order to remove the hibernation.


A few other things to note before choosing this option:

  • Hibernation is not an option for schools who pay based on an annual subscription
  • Depending on your schools needs it might be more beneficial to simply keep the account active. Hibernation Mode is not suggested for schools who need to process the following over the summer:


Please contact support for more information on this feature!

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