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There is another app in our App Store. For schools that prefer a sign-in / sign-out sheet to take attendance; or for those who need a Sign-In/Sign-Out Sheet app for daycare or an after school program, we now have it in our QuickSchools app store:

/Sign-Out Sheet app on QuickSchools
/ Sign-Out App on QuickSchools

The app works pretty simply. You can enable the Sign-In Sheet for specific teachers. Then, use the student selector to sign students in, When a student leaves, click on the “Sign-Out” button to remove the student from the list:

/ Sign-Out Sheet
/ Sign-Out Sheet

When you sign a student in, you can add remarks. You can also enable a “Signature” field for parents to fill in their names. The app will track the time and user (in this case the teacher) when a student is signed in and out:

Signing In a Student
Signing In a Student

There’s also a “History” page to view all sign-in records:

/ Sign-Out History
/ Sign-Out History

Please feel free to suggest on improvements to the app. We look forward to your comments.

UPDATED Nov 21, 2014

The Sign-In/Sign-Out Sheet app now supports a PIN for parents. You can see the article here:

Personal Identification Number (PIN) for Parent Sign-In / Sign-Out Sheet

8 thoughts on “Sign-In / Sign-Out Sheet

  1. Would be more useful if you didn’t have to sign in first.

    If a student had been in school then signs out, they wouldn’t have ‘signed in’ until they come back from appointment

    • Thanks for the feedback David. As discussed over email, I think what you’re looking for is a sign-in sheet for students who leave the school premises, while this app is primarily for parents who need to sign their kids in and out of school. We’ll pass your feedback along to our App Developer Network. Thanks!

  2. Did anything ever come of this? I too am looking for an app to sign OUT first. No such thing exists still in 2018. Makes no sense.

    • Hi John,

      So sorry for the delayed response. Sounds like you want to sign students out from school, and then sign them back in again when they come back. This is not what this app was originally designed for, but I can see a need for what you’re describing. We can look into perhaps allowing an admin to configure the wording of the app, so that it says Sign-Out instead of Sign-In (and vice versa). Do you think that would be sufficient?

      If you’d like to expedite this request, please contact our QuickSchools Support team, and we’ll add your school to our list. If there is enough support for this request, we can look into expediting it.



      • Hi, there is many apps that schools can use to sign in and then out. We are using the free version of Envoy for parents/visitors. Right next to the Envoy iPad is a paper notebook for students to sign out then sign in when they return. That’s a lot of notebooks across America that can never be replaced by something electronic until someone programs something. The closest thing I came across is one that you can swap the sign-in and sign-out but that can’t be used by students that are just late for school. Having two iPads works but how sad is that. If these programs just had a main screen with two buttons SIGN-IN SIGN-OUT and then asked the same questions like “Reason…” Right now if you click SIGN-OUT all you can do is put in your name and get an error “You must sign-in first”


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