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If you’re a subscriber of QuickSchools, and are enjoying your experience with us, we invite you to send us a video testimonial. Let us know how QuickSchools has improved the way you run your school. We’d love to hear from you, as would our other customers.

If you’re comfortable putting together your own video, you can simply upload it to youtube and send us a link. Or you can send us your video footage, and we can either post it for you, or make some edits (if the footage is raw). In any case, we’d love to hear from you.

If you need help putting together a video, here are some tips:

  1. Get a video camera, of course. And if you have them, get a tripod and microphone for the camera too.
  2. When you’re setting up the camera, make sure the interviewee takes up most of the screen, say a third of the screen (we have some example videos below, so you know what we’re talking about). The interviewee should also be off centre (it’s a little more artistic that way). The interviewee should basically appear up close and personal.
  3. You should have someone sit/stand behind the camera, asking you questions. As the interviewee, you should simply face/talk to the interviewer. You do not need to look at the camera. In fact, you should simply ignore the camera, and focus on the interviewer.
  4. Take your time speaking to the interviewer. Try to avoid simply answering the questions with “yes” or “no”. We usually like to take the question out. So you should provide as much context as possible. Use examples or anecdotes, if possible.
  5. Finally, stay calm, and don’t worry about making mistakes. If you do make a mistake, just start over (we can edit out the mistakes). Also, try not to read out a prepared answer. You can have an answer prepared in mind, but use your own words when conveying it to the interviewer.

Here are some sample questions that you can have your interviewer ask you. The questions are designed to provoke your thoughts, and not necessarily for you to answer them directly. And of course, you are not limited to these. Please feel free to share your thoughts openly and freely (without any questions, if you so choose):

  1. Introduce yourself (your name, your school and your role at your school). Briefly describe your school as well (as if to prospective parents).
  2. Tell us about the challenges you faced before you started using QuickSchools.
  3. Tell us what struck you about QuickSchools. What were you hoping to gain with a program like QuickSchools? Were there other programs you tried prior to QuickSchools?
  4. Tell us about your transition into QuickSchools. How was the free trial? What was your first impression?
  5. Tell us how things are going right now. Do the teachers like it? How about the parents? Do you have any stories you can share?
  6. In your opinion, what makes QuickSchools different? What do you like about QuickSchools? Why subscribe to QuickSchools?
  7. Would you recommend QuickSchools to others? Who would you recommend QuickSchools to? What would you say to a school considering QuickSchools?
  8. Is there anything else you’d like to share about QuickSchools, or anything you’d like to say to the QuickSchools staff?

Here are some sample videos put together by some of our schools:

Jason Yarbrough shares his views on why he chose QuickSchools.

Mr. Abel McClennon speaks about QuickSchools

For more testimonials, check out our Testimonials Playlist on YouTube.

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