QuickSchools Testimonial from English Language Center OK

We were pleasantly surprised by an unsolicited testimonial that was emailed to us just earlier today from the English Language Center in Oklahoma. This really made our day for our Live Chat Support Team at QuickSchools. We just thought we’d share it here with you:

QuickSchools is more than helpful…more like transformative. Our school had reverted to administrating from a series of spreadsheets. The spreadsheets actually came AFTER having tried a couple of mainstream, highly marketed school management systems. The other systems proved to be expensive to purchase, time consuming to use and expensive to maintain. In the end, they proved inadequate for smaller schools like ours. They cost us more in time and money than they helped.

With QuickSchools being cloud based, we were able to implement and start using it immediately. They have great online and real time support via a convenient chat box on each screen. Their customer service is second to none. They also have recorded videos for setting up and using each of the modules. QuickSchools also maintains our data and backups. We were up and running within a few days.

Our administrative staff and teachers love using QuickSchools because it has made their jobs so much easier and less stressful. Our focus now is on our students, our staff, and growing and improving our school. Since implementing QuickSchools we have been able to increase our student enrollment by 40% with no additional administrative personnel! That one fact alone is enough for us.

Charles Watts
English Language Center

Thanks Charles for those kind words.

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