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Lesson Plans by Month & Copy Lessons from Archive (Private Beta)

August 4, 2015

We’ve been building out from our Lesson Plans by Subject and Lesson Plan Dates updates and have some cool new views to share. These work with the Lesson Plans by Subject feature and allow teachers to view a long-term calendar of lessons as well as copy them forward from the school archive of past terms’ lessons. Here’s a quick look at the setup.

The Lesson Plans by Month view works a lot like the the Lesson Plans by Subject view, and even the Gradebook. Simply select a subject that you’re teaching and the lesson plans you have setup for the current term view will appear on their lesson date. Also, you can mouse over a day, click the “Add Daily Lesson” button to add a new lesson for that day.

by Month

You can drag and drop the lesson around to a different day, and right click to edit the lesson:

Edit Lesson

In addition, one of the coolest features of the by Month view is that “Copy Lessons” button at the top. It directs you to a wizard that helps you migrate past terms’ lessons forward so as to view and update lessons for a new term. From the wizard, you can select which term and subject you’d like copy forward from the archive. Read more…

Online Forms Walkthrough

July 15, 2015

Our new Online Forms app is proving to be very useful over the summer months. The app itself has grown tremendously over the past weeks, with more improvements scheduled to be released soon. So we thought we’d put together a quick video on the current features available within the Online Forms. Check out the video below:

For more videos, check out our youtube channel:

Transitioning to Subject-Based Lesson Plans

July 11, 2015

In a previous article, we talked about a new beta version of the QuickSchools Lesson Plans that are now specific to a subject. With this new paradigm, lesson plan sets are automatically created whenever you create a new subject. Although you lose the ability to share lesson plans, lesson plans from previous academic terms are now automatically archived. Also, this new way of using lesson plans works well when you have the new Lesson Date feature enabled. See full article below:

However, if you’re already used to using the previous shareable version of the lesson plans, and you want to transition to the new subject-based lesson plans, the old shareable lesson plans will become archived. And you will immediate start getting NEW lesson plans set for each subject. If you want to re-use some of the older  lesson plan sets, by keeping them linked to the most recent subject, you’ll need to contact our technical support.

To assist in this transition, we’ve created a new report called the “Lesson Plan Subjects” report. This report will show all the subjects that are linked to existing Lesson Plans.

Lesson Plan Subjects Report

Lesson Plan Subjects Report

If there are lesson plans sets that are not linked, or linked to the wrong subject, you can re-link the subjects simply by accessing the Lesson Plans set, and select a subject for it: Read more…

Never Heard of QuickSchools?

July 10, 2015

We have a pretty good 90-second Quick Tour video that introduces you to QuickSchools and what we have to offer. But for a more in depth overview, we have a 30-minute demo which we present to schools that are seeing us for the first time. We go over some basic points, some advantages of QuickSchools, as well as the overall philosophy.

Here’s the 30-minute QuickSchools Sales Demo for those who are interested (maybe you can pitch QuickSchools to others):

Some general points to go over: Read more…

Admissions vs. Online Forms

July 9, 2015

We’re rolling out our new Online Forms app for QuickSchools in a big way this summer. You’ve probably seen many articles about it (like the ones below):

And you’ll continue to see many more improvements to the Online Forms app in the weeks to come (we’ll blog about those soon too). But how is the Online Forms app different from the Admissions module which also has an Online Forms component? So here in this article, we’ll make a comparison.

QuickSchools Online Forms App

QuickSchools Online Forms App

First off, let’s go over some similarities between the two modules:

  1. Both handle enrollment of new students, including inquiries.
  2. Both have an Online Forms component, for collecting data submitted online (from a public page).
  3. Both support Email Templates, to correspond with inquiries and applicants.

But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. A key thing to note here is that the Admissions module is included in all subscription plans within QuickSchools, whereas the Online Forms is a paid app. To that end, the Admission module is designed with simplicity in mind, so schools can make use of it quickly. And the Online Forms on the other hand is designed with more robustness of functionality.

Here are some key differences: Read more…

Coming Soon: Merit System

June 29, 2015

We have several new modules being developed on QuickSchools over the summer months, one of which is a new Merit System. It’s not even out on Private Beta yet, but we thought we’d share a teaser screenshot:

QuickSchools Merit System

QuickSchools Merit System

The new Merit System will track merit gains, losses and totals for the academic term. It’s designed to be SUPER simple. You would set a starting point for all students, and teachers can very easily add/deduct merit points throughout the week. Merits can be shared with parents via the Parent Portal. And you can configure alerts for exceeding pre-defined thresholds.

Just to be clear, this is just a teaser screenshot. But we do expect to release this some time over the summer. What do you think should go into a Merit System?


Lesson Plan by Subject (Private Beta)

June 28, 2015

We’re testing a new version of the Lesson Plans that can now be specific to subjects. In the existing QuickSchools module, you can create a Lesson Plan Set, which can be applied to multiple subjects across different semesters. But with the introduction of Lesson Plan Dates, we thought it might be better to simply link Lesson Plans directly to each subject / section (within a particular academic term).

This new Lesson Plan module will work just like the Gradebook and Homework modules. Simply select a subject that you’re teaching, and you can then immediately add/edit the lessons for this subject.

Lesson Plans by Subject

Lesson Plans by Subject

Here are some differences for comparison: Read more…


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