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Personal Identification Number (PIN) for Parent Sign-In / Sign-Out Sheet

November 21, 2014

Due to the tremendous amount of feedback to our original Sign-In / Sign-Out Sheet App which was released in our App Store very recently, we’ve introduced some new improvements which now allow parents to be assigned a PIN which they can use to sign in their own children.


Manage PIN for Parents Signing in Students

Manage PIN for Parents Signing in Students


PIN numbers are unique to each parent. And the administrator for the app can generate/view PIN numbers as necessary. Once the PIN numbers are communicated to parents, parents can then sign in their children using the appropriate screen.

Screen for parents to Sign-In/Sign-Out students

Screen for parents to Sign-In/Sign-Out students

The idea here is that the school would make a terminal available on site for the parent to sign in. This can be any internet-enabled device, including tablets and the iPad. Once the screen is enabled, it occupies the entire screen (i.e. full screen mode), the parent will only be able to sign in their children using a PIN (no other functions are available to the parent). Read more…

QuickSchools Integration with Schoology

November 12, 2014

For those who haven’t noticed, we now have a Schoology Integration App that’s available on our QuickSchools App Store, which allows schools to synchronize their gradebooks from Schoology with the gradebooks in QuickSchools. With this integration, schools can create more dynamic Report Cards within QuickSchools, and share grades more readily with parents via the Parent Portal.

More information about the Integration is located here:

One thing to note about the Schoology Integration App: We utilize the Schoology API to connect the two systems together. The Schoology API only supports integration with the Enterprise Edition of Schoology. So the Schoology Integration App will not work with the free/teacher version of Schoology.

Schoology is what we’d call a Learning Management System (LMS), which is different from a School Management System, since it specializes in delivery of lessons and content to students. Also under development is an app to integrate QuickSchools with another LMS called Haiku Learning. Do let us know of any other LMSs that you’d like QuickSchools to integrate with.

Custom Fields now support Check Boxes

November 11, 2014

When we first introduced Module-Based Custom fields last year at QuickSchools, we only had support for text fields and dropdowns (in addition to Headers and Section breaks for formatting). Soon after, we introduced the Date field. And now we’re happy to support check boxes too, as a custom field type for all related modules.

QuickSchools Custom Check Boxes

QuickSchools Custom Check Boxes

Please do let us know of any other improvements you’d like to see. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Bulk Download Gradebook PDF

November 10, 2014

Due to high demand, you can now bulk download the student gradebook Performance report in PDF format (just like you can with Schedules).

Bulk Download Gradebook and Schedule

Bulk Download Gradebook and Schedule

Just go to the Students listing in QuickSchools, select the students you’d like to download the PDFs for, and then select the action from the dropdown on the top left. This will produce a zip file containing all the PDFs fpr each selected student. Let us know how it works!

Documents for Teachers

October 29, 2014

Some good news. The Teachers module now supports a Documents tab (just like for Students). To enable the feature on your QuickSchools account, just go to the “Features” page, and click on the “Configure” link next to the “Teacher Tracking” module:

Documents tab for Teachers

Documents tab for Teachers

One thing to note: If you are an administrator and have access to “Teacher Documents”, then you will have access to the Documents tab for all teachers. However, if you are not a school administrator, you will only have access to your own Documents tab, and not that of others.

Let us know what you think. Thanks!

/ Sign-Out Sheet

October 24, 2014

There is another app in our App Store. For schools that prefer a sign-in / sign-out sheet to take attendance; or for those who need a sign-in / sign-out sheet for day care or an after school program, we now have it in our QuickSchools app store:

/ Sign-Out App on QuickSchools

/ Sign-Out App on QuickSchools

The app works pretty simply. You can enable the Sign-In Sheet for specific teachers. Then, use the student selector to sign students in, When a student leaves, click on the “Sign-Out” button to remove the student from the list:

/ Sign-Out Sheet

/ Sign-Out Sheet

When you sign a student in, you can add remarks. You can also enable a “Signature” field for parents to fill in their names. The app will track the time and user (in this case the teacher) when a student is signed in and out: Read more…

Fully Online with Live Chat Support

October 23, 2014

Where else can you find such an awesome combination for a school management system?

Very few school management systems out there will boast the ability for schools to roll-out a new student management system completely self-service, or with real-time live chat support for ALL users. And that’s exactly what we have to offer!

With a fully online cloud-based system, you get world-class infrastructure that is secured with the latest security and encryption protocols. You have an entire team of engineers making sure that your school management system is always running (guaranteed uptime), always fast (scalable infrastructure in real-time), and always secure. We even back-up your data, to protect against hardware failure, natural disasters, or even user error. And remember, you can access QuickSchools from anywhere on any device (including the iPhone, iPad and Android) with just your browser. It’s really that simple.

And with our Live Chat Support, you get REAL-TIME answers to any questions that you may have. Ask about features, tips, tutorials, and make suggestions for improvement.  We are real people, not robots. And we care about giving you the best experience ever. You could be updating your grades late one night for the report cards due the next morning. Or you could be trying to get a head start with your lesson plans one Sunday afternoon. If you need help, come chat with us online. And remember that when you chat with us, you’re not only giving us the opportunity to help you with whatever task you have at hand, but you allow us to understand which areas may require further refinement. We look forward to chatting with you.

Chat with us now at, and ask us how QuickSchools can benefit you and your school.


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