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I Have A Question: Overcoming Challenges

December 17, 2014

Let’s say you just signed up for a trial and have been going through QuickSchools, looking at various features and trying out little things here and there. You’re excited to see our App Store and find the Montessori Assessments app. Being a Montessori educator and realizing the potential for this app to help out with your unique needs, you quickly install the app and get to work exploring it. Soon, though, you come to a brick wall of sorts: you have no idea how to start configuring it!

Maybe you’ve been using QuickSchools for a while and it’s time to send out third-quarter Progress Reports at your school. This term, your school has decided for the first time to use a multi-term Report Card and you’re psyched to see how it’s going to work. You log into your account, head over to Report Cards, open up a student’s Progress Report and… Oh no! What’s happened? All the data is arranged wrong!

Or even, let’s say that you need to log into your QuickSchools account to enter grades. It’s been a busy semester and you’re a little bit behind on entering grades so you decide to work on it over the weekend. Sitting down mid-morning on Saturday, you fix yourself some coffee, boot up your laptop, open up your Internet browser and realize with a sharp pang of annoyance that you’ve forgotten your school’s login URL.

While any one of these scenarios and more may be incredibly frustrating and even induce that oft-familiar feeling of panic that can come with mistakes or confusion, there’s actually a lot that you can do with QuickSchools to go about fixing the problem. Here’s a list of resources in case you need help: Read more…

Customizations / Value-Added Services

December 17, 2014

At QuickSchools, we try really hard to be a one-stop shop when it comes to school management, with no hidden fees. Many of our schools are able to sign up for a trial, subscribe, and then use the software month-over-month completely on their own, sometimes even without using our awesome Live Chat support. Our software is pretty easy-to-use for many small schools.

But there are always schools that want to go the extra mile, and go beyond the existing off-the-shelf functionality and self-service customizations that are built into the software. And for those types of schools, we do offer several options for additional customizations and value-added services like online training and rollout support, as well as data migration services. We can even build custom apps for you.

Here are some examples of items / functions that work off-the-shelf, but can also be customized for an additional fee:

Report Cards

We have dozens of templates that are completely customizable. You can rename fields, hide sections, and even change the colors. But if you absolutely need to build a report card template completely from scratch, we can do that too. Learn more here:

Select from a variety or Report Card Templates

Select from a variety or Report Card Templates


Our Transcripts module works just like our Report Cards, with many readily available templates that can be configured by an administrator. But if needed, we can build brand new custom templates for your transcripts as well.

System-Generated PDF Files

QuickSchools is able to generate printable PDF files of a wide variety of documents, including the Student Profile, Student Gradebook, and Financial Documents (like Statements, Invoices and Receipts). These documents can be customized for individual schools.

Printed PDF Gradebook with Comments

Printed PDF Gradebook with Comments

Admissions Embedded Online Form

Our built-in embedded online forms for Admissions Inquiries and Applications are designed to pick up the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) from your website. But if you wanted to style the form with additional CSS or even Java Script, and you don’t have the expertise to do it yourself, we can do this for you for an additional fee as well. Read more…

Importing / Exporting Gradebook Data

December 16, 2014

We’re happy to announce that we now have the ability to directly import data to your QuickSchools Gradebook via Excel. This feature is still in beta, so please feel free to request for it via email, and we can turn it on for you.

Once the import functionality is enabled, an “Import” button will appear directly on your Gradebook:

Importing Gradebook Data from Excel

Importing Gradebook Data from Excel

When you click on “Import” you will be prompted to select an Excel file from your machine, after which you will be asked to map columns from the Excel file with fields in the QuickSchools Database. The process works very similar to importing students and teachers from Excel: Read more…

QuickSchools Testimonial from ZMS The Academy

December 15, 2014

It’s been a while since our last blog post. We have some very exciting new features in the works for QuickSchools which we’ll announce very soon. But in the meantime, we are very proud to share a recent unsolicited testimonial from a barbering school in California. Thanks to Judy Caspe for your kind words:

I own a Barbering school in Los Angeles California and was searching in vain for a reasonable program to track my students. As a Federally Funded school, I have many requirements and Quickschools has it all for me. 23 days into the free trial and I am hooked. The live chat support is absolutely phenomenal and so efficient. A real blessing for any vocational school like myself. Fully customized to your school !
Judy Caspe
ZMS The Academy

“Our barbers cut through hairy situations”

Please feel free to share your comments below, or come chat with us online. We’d love to get you started with a free QuickSchools trial.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) for Parent Sign-In / Sign-Out Sheet

November 21, 2014

Due to the tremendous amount of feedback to our original Sign-In / Sign-Out Sheet App which was released in our App Store very recently, we’ve introduced some new improvements which now allow parents to be assigned a PIN which they can use to sign in their own children.


Manage PIN for Parents Signing in Students

Manage PIN for Parents Signing in Students


PIN numbers are unique to each parent. And the administrator for the app can generate/view PIN numbers as necessary. Once the PIN numbers are communicated to parents, parents can then sign in their children using the appropriate screen.

Screen for parents to Sign-In/Sign-Out students

Screen for parents to Sign-In/Sign-Out students

The idea here is that the school would make a terminal available on site for the parent to sign in. This can be any internet-enabled device, including tablets and the iPad. Once the screen is enabled, it occupies the entire screen (i.e. full screen mode), the parent will only be able to sign in their children using a PIN (no other functions are available to the parent). Read more…

QuickSchools Integration with Schoology

November 12, 2014

For those who haven’t noticed, we now have a Schoology Integration App that’s available on our QuickSchools App Store, which allows schools to synchronize their gradebooks from Schoology with the gradebooks in QuickSchools. With this integration, schools can create more dynamic Report Cards within QuickSchools, and share grades more readily with parents via the Parent Portal.

More information about the Integration is located here:

One thing to note about the Schoology Integration App: We utilize the Schoology API to connect the two systems together. The Schoology API only supports integration with the Enterprise Edition of Schoology. So the Schoology Integration App will not work with the free/teacher version of Schoology.

Schoology is what we’d call a Learning Management System (LMS), which is different from a School Management System, since it specializes in delivery of lessons and content to students. Also under development is an app to integrate QuickSchools with another LMS called Haiku Learning. Do let us know of any other LMSs that you’d like QuickSchools to integrate with.

Custom Fields now support Check Boxes

November 11, 2014

When we first introduced Module-Based Custom fields last year at QuickSchools, we only had support for text fields and dropdowns (in addition to Headers and Section breaks for formatting). Soon after, we introduced the Date field. And now we’re happy to support check boxes too, as a custom field type for all related modules.

QuickSchools Custom Check Boxes

QuickSchools Custom Check Boxes

Please do let us know of any other improvements you’d like to see. We’d love to hear your feedback!


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