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Email Templates (For Admissions)

May 4, 2015

Last month, we announced that the Email Templates for the Online Forms App now supports auto-responses during form submission. QuickSchools is now happy to announce that the Admissions module now supports Email Templates as well.

When opening an Admissions Inquiry or Application, there is now an “Email” button on the top right:

Send Email for Admissions Inquiry

Send Email for Admissions Inquiry

Send Email for Admissions Application

Send Email for Admissions Application

When you click on the “Email” button, you will be presented with several options:

Sending Emails from the QuickSchools Admissions Module

Sending Emails from the QuickSchools Admissions Module

The “Select email template” will only appear if you’ve already configured at least ONE Email template. Otherwise, you’ll need to select one of the remaining 3 options: Read more…

Multiple Calendars App

May 2, 2015

Some good news. The Calendar App on the QuickSchools App Store now supports multiple calendars, if you have separate/internal calendars for teachers and administrators.

Multiple Calendars on Calendar App

Multiple Calendars on Calendar App

The changes are backward compatible, so all schools currently using the Calendar App will see no changes for regular users. But you do have the option of adding additional calendars now.

Hidden Features and Private Beta

May 1, 2015

As a company that works tirelessly to provide a system that is simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use, it’s often difficult to introduce new features, without making it more complicated for the majority of our customers. For us at QuickSchools, it’s less about simply providing a feature, and more about providing a feature that simply works.

With that in mind, we have several features that are intentionally hidden, either because (1) they are in private beta (and thus requires more testing before it goes out for public release), (2) they are designed for a specific target market, or (3) they are too complicated to enable without the help of our technical support personnel.

One such example is our Reporting feature. We only recently introduced our new Report Creator app, which was in private beta for several months. Before that, we had (and still have) an internal report designer that is very complicated to use but also much more flexible for those more complex reports. The aim is to provide a capability (in this case reporting) that simply works for the majority of our customers, but still have something more flexible for those that need that flexibility.

Admissions Graph on Report Creator

Admissions Graph on Report Creator

Read more…

Email Templates (with Auto-Respond)

April 28, 2015

The QuickSchools Online Forms app (available on our App Store) contains Email Templates that you can set up for multiple scenarios. The templates themselves support auto-filled fields based on what the user has filled into your Online Form. You can even configure an auto-respond notification email when a form is submitted. Here’s an example:

Just look for the Email Templates section for a particular Online Form Packet:

Configure Email Templates on QuickSchools

Configure Email Templates on QuickSchools

You can use the “Email Templates” button to manage the different types of templates. Be sure to check off the “Send notification email” box for the auto-respond emails. Then click on “Configure notification email” to set up the email that will be sent out. Here’s the Email Template that will pop-up:

Set Up Email Template in QuickSchools

Set Up Email Template in QuickSchools

Fill in the email details, including the “To” and “From” fields (“CC” and “BCC” fields are optional). You can select multiple recipients. And you can use the “Insert Field” link to add auto-filled fields as well: Read more…

Admissions Data on Report Creator

April 27, 2015

We’ve just add reporting meta data for the Admissions module onto the QuickSchools Report Creator. So you can now build reports off your Inquiries and Applications:

Available Modules on Report Creator

Available Modules on Report Creator

We’ll continue to add additional modules to the Report Creator based on demand. Do let us know if there’s a specific module that you’d like us to create reporting meta data for. We can also add reporting capability for apps (like the Online Forms App you see listed above).

One thing to note for the Admissions reports, without any filters, the report will only show applications that are in progress. So to view applications with statuses other than “In Progress”, be sure to add a filter and then the appropriate values for that filter: Read more…

Quote from Brisbane Independent School

April 23, 2015

We received this awesome quote from one of our schools in Australia:

You have the most wonderful live chat customer support team. They have helped me time and again with sorting out the weird mistakes I’ve made. I just wanted to say thank you! It’s wonderful to know that when I need help, there are people who know the product inside and out who can help me.

Thank you Meli for those kind words. You can check out her school Brisbane Independent School at


QuickSchools Security

April 10, 2015

We wrote an article 3 years ago to address some of the concerns with using an online service like QuickSchools. Although many of the responses are still relevant, we wanted to expand a little bit on the section regarding our security features.

Our QuickSchools infrastructure has matured tremendously since we officially launched in 2009. We are now hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Virginia. This means that in addition to the cloud-based infrastructure that allows us to scale and meet the growing demand of our customer base, we also get to piggy back on many of the security features provided by AWS. This includes network, hardware, software and on premise security. We have some details here: Read more…


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