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Integration to Learning Management Systems (LMS)

March 1, 2015

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a very different beast compared to Student Information Systems (SIS), which is what QuickSchools provides as an online service. Student Information Systems (also known as School Management Systems or School Administration Systems) focus on record keeping, and the administrative aspects of running a school (track student demographics, attendance, grades, fees, transcripts, etc). Learning Management Systems on the other hand focus on the delivery of content (or lessons) to students, and is primarily used by teachers.

There is a big overlap between the 2 systems though. School Management Systems are known to provide some level of LMS functionality, such as portals for students and parents to download homework assignments. Learning Management Systems too have been known to produce report cards, which has mainly been in the realm of SISs. But it’s really hard for any vendor or company to provide focus in both areas, as they are primarily different markets with different needs.

The large overlap between the two types of systems suggests that integration would allow schools to tap into the best of both worlds – so teachers can use an LMS to share lessons and record grades, while administrators can use an SIS to produce report cards and transcripts.

We announced last year that we now support integration with Schoology, which is an awesome Learning Management System in the market today. But Schoology is not the only LMS out there, and it does focus only on K-12 schools. And so, we’ve decided to introduce more apps in this area.

In the coming months, we’ll be providing integration to the following LMSs: Read more…

Managing User Logins

February 27, 2015

So as a school administrator, you may want to check in on your users – teachers, parents or even students. So we’ve built a few reports on QuickSchools that may help with that.

If you search for reports with the word “Login”, you should find the following reports:

User Login Reports on QuickSchools

User Login Reports on QuickSchools

Here is a brief description of these reports, as well as how these reports may be useful to you:

Portal Logins / Usernames

Read more…

Tag Your Students

February 19, 2015

We have a new feature under development, currently available upon request in Private Beta. On the student record in QuickSchools, you can now tag students, and those tags will appear on the main Students listing. You can also search for students based on those tags:

Student Listing with searchable Tags

Student Listing with searchable Tags

This is particularly useful to inform users about important information regarding the student, like Peanut Allergies, Suspensions and so on. Once the Tagging feature is enabled, you can set tags for the student under the Student record. Read more…

Create your own Reports

February 11, 2015

It’s finally here! We’ve built a new simplified Report Creator (available on our App Store) that will allow schools to build their own reports in QuickSchools:

Report Creator App

Report Creator App

Here are some quick features of the new Report Creators:

  • Select which modules you’d like to create report for
  • Select fields to display on the report
  • Filter fields for display
  • Organize the order of fields
  • Export to Excel and CSV
  • Generate charts and graphs with drill-down capabilities

And here’s a quick tutorial on how it works: Read more…

Hide Subject Gradebooks

February 4, 2015

We have a new QuickSchools feature that allows administrators to hide specific subject gradebooks from the student record and PDF (and hence from the Parent/Student Portal). This is a great way for keeping entire gradebooks confidential, or if you have subjects that simply do not have any grades (like Homeroom).

This feature is only enabled on demand, so please contact our technical support personnel for access to this feature. Once enabled, you will have access to the “Subject” > “Manage Subject Visibility” menu where you can indicate which subjects to hide from the student record:

Manage Subject Visibility

Manage Subject Visibility

Clicking on a check box automatically saves your configuration. You can test it out by opening the student record, and seeing if the subject appears on the Gradebook tab, or on the Gradebook PDF.

Let us know what you think. Thanks!

Clear Locked Values

February 3, 2015

In your QuickSchools report cards, there is a facility to Lock Report Cards. This is a way to safeguard your report cards from inadvertent changes from teachers, once report cards are finalized. Locking the report cards for the first time also publishes them for parents to view on their Parent Portal (as well as for students in the Student Portal). If changes are required after report cards have been locked, you can also Unlock Report Cards.

Manage Report Cards to Lock / Unlock Report Cards

Manage Report Cards to Lock / Unlock Report Cards

It’s important to note though, that when Report Cards are unlocked, the report cards will NOT resynchronize with the final grades in the Gradebooks. So if the Final Grades from the Gradebooks have changed from the last time you locked the report cards, you’ll notice the following when moving your mouse over the marks/grades:

Locked Value vs. Default in Report Cards

Locked Value vs. Default in Report Cards

So in this example, the report cards were previously locked when the Gradebook was calculating a Final Grade of “78.4”. However, now that the report cards have been unlocked, the Gradebook is showing an updating Final Grade calculation of “86.8”. If you need to change the marks or grades (or any other field) you can change the values by simply typing over them. This is again a safeguard to make sure all changes to report cards after they have been locked have to be made intentionally and explicitly. Read more…

Improvements to Fund Rabbit

February 2, 2015

We’re excited to announce a couple of improvements to our Fund Rabbit app, which is used for Fund-Raising and Development (Donor Management) in QuickSchools. You can see our original post here:

With this new release, schools can now (1) import parents from their main QuickSchools account into the Fund Rabbit Donor list; and (2) publish a Project Page to collect donations online.

Importing Parents as Donors

This is pretty simply feature. From the main list of donors, just click on the “Import Parent Record” button:

Import Parent Record into Fund Rabbit

Import Parent Record into Fund Rabbit

Then a list of parents will appear. Simply select which parents to import and you’re done:

Select Parent Records to Import as Donors

Select Parent Records to Import as Donors


Publishing your Project Page

When editing your Project, you can now enable a publicly accessible page which contains all the information you’ve set in the project: Read more…


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