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QuickSchools Gaia Plan for Preschools

August 16, 2014

Here at QuickSchools, we cater to a wide variety of schools, thanks to the simplicity and flexibility that we have to offer. We keep your student data safe, by employing the latest standard in network security, and by backing up your data both in real-time and daily to a separate secure location. Your data is not shared with any other external parties either.

For preschools in particular, the Gaia Plan is quite useful, as it provides an entry-level set of features which incorporates all the benefits mentioned above. And with our new QuickSchools App Store, you can also pick-and-choose specific apps that suit your school.

QuickSchools Gaia Plan

QuickSchools Gaia Plan

Here are some benefits to starting with the Gaia Plan: Read more…

Default Attendance

August 12, 2014

A little known enhancement that was released on QuickSchools earlier this year: You can now change the default attendance when taking attendance. So instead of having all students appear as “Present” by default (when you click “Take Attendance”), you can set the default as “Absent” or even as “Not Yet Taken”.

Attendance Defaults to Not Yet Taken

Attendance Defaults to Not Yet Taken

The configuration screen is available under the “Attendance” > “Attendance Settings” screen (if you have it enabled): Read more…

QuickBooks Integration App (Beta)

August 11, 2014

Wonderful news! We are now offering integration with QuickBooks Online via an App in the QuickSchools App Store. The app is still in private beta (as of Aug 11, 2014), so if you don’t see it on your App Store menu, please come chat with us to request access.

This first beta version will allow users to do the following:

  • Connect with your QuickBooks Online Account
  • Map products/services in your QuickBooks Online Account with Fee Tracking Categories in your QuickSchools Account.
  • Map customers in your QuickBooks Online Account with either students or primary payers (for Family Billing) in your QuickSchools account. If customers have not been created in your QuickBooks Online Account, you can export them (exported records will be mapped automatically)
  • Export Charges, Invoices and Payments from your Fee Tracking Module in QuickSchools into your QuickBooks Account
QuickSchools QuickBooks Equivalent
Fee Tracking Categories Products / Services
Students / Primary Payer Customer / Accounts
Fee Tracking Charges, Invoices and Payments Invoices and Payments

In this article, we’ll run through a few quick steps on setting up integration with your QuickBooks Online account. For a list of supported countries check out:

The first time you access the QuickBooks App, you will be faced with the following screen:

Connect to QuickBooks

Connect to QuickBooks

Simply click on the “Connect to QuickBooks” button to log into QuickBooks. The following login screen should pop-up:

Logging into QuickBooks Online from QuickSchools

Logging into QuickBooks Online from QuickSchools

Once connection has been established, you’ll be faced with the following options: Read more…

Comments Bank App

July 19, 2014

Have you seen the new Comments Bank app? It let’s schools create a system of comments for adding to Report Cards, which makes it a great tool for schools with a lot of students. If it sounds like it might be useful to you, read on! We’ll be taking a quick look at the app and how to use it.

Admins can install the app from the App Store. Head to the Teacher Apps section to find it.

Comments Bank

Read more…

The 2-Term Blue Academic Template

July 18, 2014

As part of our initiative to share the awesome custom report cards at QuickSchools, today we’re sharing a private template. If it looks good to you, feel free to chat in – we’d love to enable it and help you set it up just the way you’d like!


The new Two-Semester Blue Academic template is an alternate version of Blue Academic and one of the awesome templates from our library. Like the single-term Blue Academic, the two-term version of the template combines a sleek design and a variety of uses. The template can be used for end-of-term report cards across two semesters, as well for the progress reports throughout the term, since it’s great for comparing grades at two different points in time. Take a look below to see an example of how the template looks:

Blue Academic 2 Semesters

Supporting marks, grades, comments, and overall comments, the template offers simplicity as well as flexibility. In designing it, the QS Design Team focused on both readability and maximizing amount of key information displayed. As such, the concise two-term Blue Academic supports several features in addition to the basic subject details, including… Read more…

Test Scores App

July 15, 2014

The Test Scores/Certificates app has been a fantastic addition to the QuickSchools app store. It’s a powerful app that’s great for high schools, language schools, higher education, and other institutions that need to track standardized test scores for students. Let’s take a look at the app’s awesome system for managing all those score reports.

First, admins can install the app from the app store. During installation, settings can be configured. It is possible to allow some, any, or all teachers to enter scores, and admins can chose if students can view their own scores in their Student Portal.

Test Scores App Read more…

Standards-Based Gradebook

July 8, 2014

We’re really excited to announce the QuickSchools system for Standards-Based Grading, which is now available for free in the App Store! After receiving requests from teachers and schools, we decided to build out this brand-new module to make it easier for everyone to keep track of standards and grades within the classroom. Whether your school has adopted Common Core or uses another standards system, the SBG-enabled setup and gradebook makes it simple to track students’ progress in many different learning areas.

Standards-Based Gradebook

The SB Gradebook is designed to give teachers and administrators an at-a-glance view of students’ performance for each standard taught in class. Not only does it automatically average students’ grades for a standard by using a formula that schools can choose and configure, but it also has a colorful display that is great for highlighting notable standards or students’ grades. Here’s a look at a sample Gradebook.

SB Gradebook

There’s a lot going on in this concise gradebook view! Not only can any class be configured to use custom standards, but each and every gradebook has lots of powerful features. Here are some of the highlights….

  • Customizable Choice of Standards
  • Unlimited assessments
  • Customizable Grading Category Weighting
  • Automatic averages grades for each standard
  • Configurable Overall Average formula
  • Automatic Overall Average Calculation
  • Color Coding
  • Analytics of Student & Class Success

Read more…


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