Testimonial from Cornerstone Christian Academy, Brockport NY

Last year, QuickSchools signed up the Cornerstone Christian Academy in Brockport NY, during the 2009 CCEA East Coast Conference that was organized not too far away. Now fast forward 1 year later, we thought we’d visit the school again and get some feedback on how things have come along. We spent an awkward 15 minutes taking some video testimonials from Chris and Joan Johnson, the founders of the school (we discussed other things as well, of course). And after we left, Chris and Joan put together a written testimonial of how they really felt about QuickSchools (which apparently they felt wasn’t really convey in its entirety in the 15 minutes we spent taking video testimonials). And so here it is, unedited and uncensored, a written testimonial from Chris and Joan Johnson from Cornerstone Christian Academy, Brockport NY:

Quickschools.com Remarks, After One Year of Use

We are Chris Johnson, Principal and Joan Johnson, Office Manager, of Cornerstone Christian Academy. We have been using the online, Quickschool System for nearly one year and would like to recommend it to you as well.

We are a small, private school with an enrollment of approximately 55 students.  We chose to give Quickschools a try last June, when we were looking for an easier, more user – friendly way to keep our daily attendance records. We needed a method that was affordable, easy to use, reliable and efficient. Over the years, after doing much of our record – keeping in a manually, cumbersome way, we have found Quickschools to be an answer to our search and so much more!

We have found the Quickschools system, in one year’s time, aids us in all aspects of keeping records for our students. There are features to record and view basic family database of enrollment.  Teachers can daily take attendance from their classroom. We submit store and view progress reports and report cards throughout the year. Parents are able to view teacher – posted daily homework assignments and access their own child’s records in the teacher grade book, quarterly report cards, and daily attendance. These features and more have all become available to us using the one Quickschools system, for an affordable per pupil rate. We are able to send mass contacts using family email addresses and have a real time event calendar available to any family with an email address as well, keeping everyone aware of the upcoming important dates.  If families have an email address they may receive their own password and access to view and print everything that applies to their child. An additional plus to the online system is that any staff member or parent may access their own information securely from any computer. This gives everyone much more flexibility.

We have found that after one year of working with the staff at Quickschools,  we have a better alternative to our old established ways, that yes, took some time to learn and get used to, but now has become almost second nature. This was a commitment from the Quickschools staff to us back in September. They promised they would work with us to get us there and they have fulfilled that commitment!

We have had outstanding service from all members of the Quickschool family. From the daily representatives, to the engineers, and the founders themselves, we have been given help around-the-clock during this year. If there was a problem and we needed an answer, if one person didn’t have and answer they  would find  an answer from another. If no direct answer was available, they would show us alternative ways to meet our goals or accomplish our task at hand.

Even from the very beginning stages they showed a willingness to help us succeed through the entire process of the software learning curve. For both those who had no computer experience and those who were more advanced, the representatives showed friendliness, patience, kindness, and helpfulness that never made anyone feel as if their question was unimportant, even during their own busy schedules. Parents and staff a like, have felt comfortable contacting them via the live chat, with any question and receive immediate service.  We personally could not have learned the system as quickly as we did without this feature.

Quickschools is so adaptable to the individual school. We have many unique situations within our enrollment that require unique record – keeping, that other schools might not face. The staff at Quickschools made ways possible for us … not in a haphazard way, but by clear forethought as to how it would work the best for us.  If some part of the system would not work for us they were very accommodating and would come up with an alternative that would fit us, or after working with a feature for example our report card template if it needed subtle changes, changes would be made.

An example of this is that in our small school with few staff members who do many jobs, they made a way for one person to do the work of many in the system, saving countless hours of office work. In addition, we have additional progress reports throughout the year that needed to have a different look. This was accommodated as well.

Finally, we appreciate the commitment from QuickSchools to make positive upgrades and launches based on the needs and desires of the schools that they serve. We have seen much evidence of this already in this past year, and look forward to more in the future.


Chris and Joan Johnson

If you’re curious to see how the video testimonial turned out (which I think was pretty good), you can see it on Youtube here:

Click here for a QuickSchools Video Testimonial of Chris and Joan Johnson from Cornerstone Christian Academy, Brockport NY, taken on June 25, 2010.

Follow up with Peter Mitchell, Corona Academy

After our initial conversation with Cheryl Mitchell, the principal of Corona Academy, we followed up with Peter Mitchell, the IT administrator of the school.

It was an enlightening conversation as Peter shared his vision for Corona Academy with regards to IT expansion. He envisions having an expansive computer lab for all the students,  a smart board for each class as well as the use of e-learning solutions that could intuitively instruct students about subjects that are easier taught using computers.

Peter also shared how he first realized they needed a school management software. He first had thoughts about implementing a school software for Corona while working with a bigger school in California. On digging a bit deeper, however, he however found that the system being used at that school wouldn’t fit very well with Corona Academy, simply because it was ‘bloated’ and not to mention quite expensive.

This realization kick-started his search for school management software which eventually led him to QuickSchools. He tried it and found the service a good fit for their school (Yeayy!!) – even for the parents who would eventually use the parent portal.

Here’s a snippet from our conversation with Peter:

“Aside from the price being much better for us… the system seemed to be better for us as well, specially being that we have a lot of parents who are not as computer savvy as you would probably need with some other programs and I think QuickSchools is pretty straight forward when it comes to getting the information you would want to get.”

Corona Academy finding QuickSchools a good fit

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been keeping track of the number of sign-ups to measure the success rates of the August 17th launch – the results have been great so far.  Of the many schools that have signed up, we specially want to highlight Corona Christian Academy, because their adoption rate of QuickSchools was just amazing. They had their school account up and running within just 5 days – teachers, students, attendance and even grading.


Corona Christian Academy has been operating in Queens, New York for the last 4 years and has a count of 36 students who attend grades 1 to 10 along with the Kindergarten. They’re very keen on incorporating IT into the school’s everyday activities, all the way from managing the school to teaching kids.

This is what Cheryl Mitchell, the principal, has to say about the teachers’ experience so far

“… when we’re doing report cards, instead of having to total all the grades and everything like that they just put in grades, and it (QuickSchools) does the totals for them, so they just love it.”

The school previously used Excel to manage all their tuition fees, and upon using QuickSchools, they found that that the Fee Tracking feature makes it much simpler to carry out billing. Another feature that Cheryl likes to use is the Report Cards feature as it gives her visibility on the progress of activities.

“That’s another thing I like, is the fact that I am able to as the principal, to go on and check and make sure that my teachers are entering grades…”, says Cheryl Mitchell.