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New Subscriber Testimonial

Hi everyone,

We were pleasantly surprised this summer, when we received a video testimonial from a recent subscriber, the Mars Hill Christian School in Fairfield CA. The video came fully edited (and very well, I might add), by Pastor Jason Yarbrough, the principal of the school. Watch and listen to what Pastor Jason Yarbrough had to say when he found QuickSchools:

Jason Yarbrough shares his views on why he chose QuickSchools.

You can check out more of Jason’s videos on his youtube channel here.

If you’re interested in a fully integrated school administration system, where you can quickly share student information with parents online, why give us a try  at

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CCEA East Coast Conference 2011

Hi everyone,

Last June 23-24, we were again at the CCEA East Coast Conference in Farmington NY. This was our third straight year at this conference. This is where we met some of our strongest supporters, like the Finger Lakes Christian Academy (FLCS) in Seneca Falls NY, as well as the Calvary Chapel Christian School in Fredericktown PA.

Pastor Scott from FLCS has been using QuickSchools for several years now. You’ll see his video testimonials from 2009 on our YouTube channel. And this is from before our official launch in August 2009. Our software was evolved tremendously since then.

We mentioned the folks from Fredericktown at last year’s CCEA East Coast Conference. Just this past year, they started using the Report Cards module. They’ve been using QuickSchools for 2 years now. They were kind enough to share with us a few words while at the this most recent conference. Check out what they had to say:

Beckie Cannon and Carol Steve share about their experiences using QuickSchools. Recorded at Farmington NY

We have many new features planned for this summer, and also for the coming year. We’ll continue to listen to what schools are looking for in a great school management system, and build it into future releases. If you haven’t tried QuickSchools yet, just sign up for a free trial. It’s powerfully simple!

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Testimonial from Westfall Academy in Rochester NY

During my recent trip to Farmington NY to attend the Calvary Chapel Education Associate (CCEA) East Coast Conference, I took the opportunity to visit Sr. Yasmin Kabir, at Westfall Academy in Rochester NY. Westfall Academy incidentally is one of our first subscribers, and has been using QuickSchools since before our official launch in August 2009. They have been very supporting of our growth, as we have with theirs. Here she is sharing a few words about her experience using QuickSchools.

Sr. Yasmin Kabir shares about QuickSchools

Founded in 2004, Westfall Academy is a small Islamic school, catering to Pre-K thru 5th Grade. They have steadily grown to about 100 students this year. To find out more about Westfall Academy, you can visit their website at

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Testimonial from La Paz Community School, Costa Rica

A little over a year ago, we signed on a school from Guanacaste, Costa Rica. They are a private, non-profit, preschool through high school, serving about 200 students in English and Spanish. They have very specific requirements when it came to report cards. Now fast forward a year and a half later, Abel McClennon, principal of La Paz Community School, shares his experience using QuickSchools. Thank you Mr Abel, for sending us this video:

Mr. Abel McClennon speaks about QuickSchools

For more information about La Paz Community School, you can visit their website at

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Have a great summer everyone!