What does the best online gradebook for your school have to offer?

best online gradebook

Almost everything is digitalized nowadays. Totally understandable, especially when applying digital technology to everyday tasks makes lives easier. Who wouldn’t want that? The benefits of digital transformation in the education sector are extensive. In this article, we will be discussing the features and benefits of an ideal online gradebook system that could also make your lives easier. 

What should the ideal gradebook system offer?

Report card season, while rewarding for students, can be very daunting and stressful for teachers. For online gradebooks to appeal to teachers and parents, the system must prioritize its ease of use. Since digitalization is supposed to make everyday tasks more streamlined, these systems should not be complicated or cause even more frustration. 

An ideal online gradebook must offer easy access to teachers, students, and parents to allow efficient communication and information sharing. A holistic system should not only include student grades but also provide supplemental features to deliver a more pleasant experience for everybody. These additional features could include printing, exporting, gradebook templates, and an easy share button feature. To make them more appealing , these systems should also be equipped with report cards and transcript features. 

To sum it up, an ideal gradebook system should offer more than just a digital gradebook. 

The importance of having a reliable online gradebook

importance of having a reliable online gradebook

1. Improved communication and transparency

An online gradebook system can potentially increase parental involvement in schools, compared  to a manual or physical gradebook. Its improved accessibility allows parents to possess access to information instantly and provide transparency to their children’s progress.

Teachers can eliminate the old system of sending detailed written reports to parents regarding student grades, school performance, and classroom behaviors. Now, parents can easily access all this information via the parent portal. Teachers no longer have to wait for a parent-teacher meeting to raise concerns about tardiness, late assignment submissions or any sort of feedback on students. It’s reported instantly and in real-time straight to the parents.

2. Increased student accountability

An online gradebook system can encourage students to be more proactive in improving their performance at school. This is because they can easily view their grades and feedback on assignments or homework. Even through a student portal. Although physical gradebooks also disclose this information, it often still requires teachers to set aside individual time with students to communicate feedback on their performance. The traditional method is just not as quick or easy for them to access. It can be sent after school has ended, allowing more opportunities, if needed, for the students to have further discussions with their teachers. Perhaps even face-to-face the next day. It can truly encourage more open and honest dialogue between teachers and their students. 

Despite that, since all the information on their grades and performance in class are also available to their parents, it might encourage students to be more vigilant. An online gradebook system could hold them (even more) accountable for their learning progress. Gone are the days when you would hide your test results.

3. Effortless Recording and Retrieval 

Recording on an online gradebook is much simpler compared to physical books. Teachers can create different pages, tabs and other categories for recording using the many features that are available. 

Comparing and computing data, and generating reports are also simpler than doing it manually. Teachers can also easily retrieve information by using keywords. 

Space constraints are a common problem in many classrooms in schools all over the world. Online gradebook systems completely eliminate the need for physical storage space. With an ideal gradebook system, everything is stored securely on the cloud! With backup!

4. Better accessibility and flexibility

Another perk of a Student Information System equipped with an online gradebook is accessibility and flexibility. Allowing teachers to access them from different devices and record information anywhere, at any time. 

A reliable online gradebook is important for teachers to track and manage all information on student performances in a single database more effortlessly. If you’re looking for a holistic and reliable online gradebook system, we’ve got just what you and your school need!

Why using QuickSchools online Gradebook is the way to go

QuickSchools gradebook

QuickSchools offer users a digital gradebook and more. Check out this list!

1. 100% cloud-based

2. Interactive database

3. Easily print, export, and generate reports

quickschools gradebook features

4. Instantly available report cards and transcripts

5. Easy sharing feature

6. Full-screen mode

7. Video tutorials!
Gradebook Overview QuickGuide

8. 24/7 real-time live chat support with real people (no offense, robots🤖)

QuickSchools can help teachers easily organize student grades while keeping parents informed with just a few clicks of a button. 

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