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organize your school cafeteria with software

Did you know that you could track student lunch fees and payments via your Student Information System? If you didn’t, now you have! 

QuickSchools provides you with a few application options to organize your cafeteria.  The Lunchroom app is a fantastic way to track student lunches and lunch payments. This app helps to better manage student meals at school. It is one of our most popular apps, as it allows teachers to track each student’s lunch balance as well as configure meals and extras.  You can easily track lunch payments as it displays the outstanding balance for each student. Gone are the days you would have to manually keep track of these records. 

lunchroom app with quickschools

Teachers could also simply define as many meals as the school cafeteria provides, setting a price for each meal and resetting the balance at the end of the semester or rolling it over to the following term. Configuring extra snacks and drinks can also be done at one’s fingertips. After parents send the school payment for lunchroom purchases, the cost can be added directly to the student’s record, and a complete history is also visible from within the app. The best part is, the app is entirely separate from the Fee Tracking module! 

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The second available option is the Lunch Ordering App. The setup is simple and allows parents to order lunches for students. Teachers are able to fulfill and charge lunch orders per day or in bulk. Different from The Lunchroom app, it will automatically display charges on the Fee Tracking page. It is entirely up to you whether you prefer to have separate payments for fees and lunches or have them all on the Fee Tracking page. Parents can choose their child’s lunches from each day’s menu via the calendar. They can submit orders or cancel before the closing date.

Why is it more beneficial to have an online cafeteria? 

having your cafeteria online

Online school cafeteria helps your parents

Managing your school cafeteria online is much more convenient for families. These lunch apps make it easier for parents to access their child’s account, especially since it is available on the Student Information System where they gain access to other school-related information. 

By implementing an online ordering system for lunches, the SIS is being utilized to its fullest potential. Despite having all information readily available on one platform, it is also simpler for parents to check out the lunch options for the coming week. Many kids have their own dietary restrictions due hence this system will help families plan ahead. They will be able to pre-order meals whenever it is most convenient for them.

Easy payments for an online school cafeteria

An online lunch system also ensures secure online payments. As simple as settling their children’s school fees online, they can do the same for lunches via The Lunchroom or Lunch Ordering app. Parents no longer have to stop by the school to settle payments or have their children bring a large amount of money to pay at the office. They can also easily access a list of their transaction history. Online payments are one of the best ways to speed up the lunch ordering process. 

Speaking of speeding up the process, organizing the cafeteria via the SIS also saves a lot of recess time. Students can spend less time queuing up in a line to get their food. All the meals are now pre-ordered! They do not need to go through the decision-making process of choosing what to eat right there and then since they have decided with their parents beforehand. This allows the line during lunchtime to go smoothly and quickly.

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Improve management with an online school cafeteria

On top of that, implementing this system also improves cafeteria management. These lunch apps not only make it easier for parents and students but will also save staff time. By using either of these apps to organize your cafeteria, only preferred meals are being made to cater to students’ orders. This could also possibly reduce food wastage in case of an “unpopular menu” among students and make inventory management easier. 

We hope this will article has helped you gain some insight decide whether or not your school should invest in a lunch ordering system. Feel free to drop your suggestions on other topics you would like us to cover. You can also check out more guides on how the Lunchroom app works. If you aren’t on board already, sign up for a seamless experience with QuickSchools today!

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