Teacher Tips: Fun Fall Activities in the Classroom

fun fall activities teachers can do in the classroom

It’s pumpkin spice season! Everybody loves the coziness, the orange hues, and the falling leaves. Let’s look at some fun activities for your students that can be done in the classroom this autumn. 

Sensory Fall Activities

Autumn is a sensory delight! Let’s start with some activities for the younger children. If you’ve got tiny students who love to explore hands-on, a tray table full of fallen leaves can be used for several different activities. First off, with letter magnets for a scoop and sort activity. Every alphabet they get from each scoop, they have to pronounce. Depending on their level, they might have to come up with a word using the letter. 

sensory activities your students can do this fall infographic

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Secondly, they can brush up on their fine motor skills. This is done by the leaves mixing with a bunch of other materials such as marble or shiny stones. This activity will get them familiar with using a tong to pick up the desired item based on the teacher’s instructions.

teacher tips for fall activities

Another way of utilizing the tray table full of leaves is mixing the leaves with other materials. This can include different textures such as paper, tissues, crepe paper, and newspaper. This activity requires students to close their eyes and only remove one type of material based on the description given. This is a great activity for sensory processing. 

fall activities for students

What better way to fully take in what fall is all about other than having the students pick the fallen leaves themselves? Whether it is during class before any class activity commences, or they can also bring the leaves from home. These leaves can be used for an arts and crafts activity, dip the leaves in paint and stamp them on drawing art blocks to create their own fall masterpiece.  Creativity frees the mind in a way that enables a person to absorb knowledge more efficiently. Perhaps you can add more creative activities in the classroom?

Science and STEM Activities for Fall Season

Science can never be more fun than this! The following fall classroom ideas are full of Science knowledge for your little geniuses. If you’re trying to incorporate more of these learning opportunities with a twist of fun and fall, try these activities. 

teach your students about pumpkins
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Teach children about pumpkins! The life cycle, as well as the parts of the pumpkin. Perhaps a fun worksheet would do the trick. You can also choose other fruits and vegetables that are commonly used in making autumn delicacies like apples. They can learn about parts of the apple tree, and also find out why pumpkins do not grow on trees. 

interesting topics o teach your students this Fall
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Bring your students on a leaf scavenger hunt and leaf exploration! 

Before going on a nature walk with children, bring in a few leaves ahead of time. It can teach them the different types that are out there. You could also wait until after your nature walk when children have found their own leaves to examine or have them find something similar to what you have shown them, to further test their knowledge and memory.

After the little scavenger hunt, have them bring back some leaves for a fun experiment. They can explore the concept of color and understand how chlorophyll works in leaves. This can be done on a different day. Depending on how much time you have left for the class session. Let them know beforehand to get them more excited! The experiment is easy and will leave the kids in awe. 

The supplies for this experiment are rather simple. You will need a pot of boiling water (handled by adults only), rubbing alcohol, test tubes with lids or any small containers with lids, different colored leaves, and tongs. (also handled by adults only)

All you have to do is place leaves in a boiling pot of water for 5 minutes. While they are boiling, fill up small containers with rubbing alcohol. When the five minutes are up, use the tongs to remove the leaves and place each one in the rubbing alcohol making sure to sort by color. Observe what color the alcohol is. Come back throughout the day and check if the alcohol has changed color. 

If you thought we forgot about your older students, we have not! You can change the scavenger hunt and leaf experiment for them. It allows the older students to go into more in-depth lessons with the leaves. Perhaps they could also conduct this leaf experiment themselves with adult supervision, of course.

stem activities for your students
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English Activities for Fall

If you’re teaching English, have your students read up on classic books that are perfect for the fall season. What better way to indulge in literature than to immerse yourself in the perfect setting and weather? Students can write their own essays or have a class discussion on different topics you have given them.  

We hope this article is helpful if you are searching for ways to spice (pumpkin spice, get it?) up your classes this fall. Feel free to let us know if you have other interesting activities you’re doing this fall. You can share it with all of us. Do check out our Top 5 Holiday Classroom Activities for Teachers if you would like to get ahead and plan for the holiday season! 

happy Fall 2022

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