New Release – October 31, 2022

Today’s release focuses on continued improvements to our Orchestra Master Scheduler and  Lunch Ordering app, plus general improvements and bug fixes to our Student Information System (SIS).

Updated “Lunch Orders” listing for Parents and Teachers

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Search Students in Step 5 by Student Number
  • Option to display Student Number in Step 5
  • Option to show internal Section ID in Step 4 and 5
  • Option to show roster directly  to Teachers via their portal
  • Bug Fix Course Requests when Course is excluded from Enrollment Period

Lunch Ordering App

  • Improve Lunch History screen to support sort, search and additional functions (See Above)
  • History for Bulk Cancel Lunch
  • Ability to Undo Bulk Cancel Lunch
  • Support for Lunch Day Labels
  • Bug Fix Deleted Lunch Orders when all individual meals are removed

General Bug Fixes

  • New “Schedule” tab for Student & Parent Portals for Simplified Schedule (See below)
  • Links in Notes for Simplified Schedule are now clickable (See below)
  • Links in Notes for Generated PDF from Simplified Schedule are also clickable (See below)
  • Update Note for cost of paid Text Messaging
  • Bug Fix Customer Dropdown for QuickBooks Integration App.

Beta Improvements / Fixes

  • Option to force full online payments in students / parents (i.e. remove option to pay any amount)
  • Improve support for Weekly Schedule in “Courses & Sections”
  • Bug fix Gradebook when missing Add Date in “Courses & Sections”
  • Miscellaneous Improvements to the SFTP Importer (Beta)
  • Support Custom Emails for Scheduled Emails
  • Bug fix revoking access to Teachers for Group Schools
  • Remove “View Enrollment History” for Group Schools
  • Expand data dictionary for Summary Reports
  • General Security Updates

Schedule for Student and Parent Portals

If your school is using the Simplified Schedule, both the Student and Parent Portals now have a dedicated “Schedule” tab that quickly shows you the class schedule:

New “Student Schedule” tab for Student and Parent Portal

If there are links in the Notes section, these links will be clickable. And if you download the schedule in PDF format, the links there will also be clickable.

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