Learn how to maximize your summer break to make it the best one yet

how to maximize your summer holidays

Summer is here! Thinking of ways to spend your summer break? (Pstt, other than binging Netflix and doom scrolling on social media of course). How about something different this time around. Let’s look at some options to make the best out of your summer break and maximize it to the fullest.

Signing up for a summer job or internship

Do you feel like you need to earn some extra cash or would like to gain work experience? Or do you just want to get a taste of your future career? Sign up for an internship or apply for a summer job! 

Job-hunting has also been made easy for students with the ever-evolving technology in education. Work placement systems have been introduced to help out students to build relationships with employers. A great way to build relationships for future job opportunities. Although it is rather new to the educational IT World, it seems like a promising platform to help students secure a spot in an organization and experience a real-time job. 

Most if not all of us are aware of how demotivating and draining it is to job hunt sometimes. Especially when companies don’t advertise they offer internships clearly. They become hard to find. Finding a suitable job for students without work experience is almost impossible. This is where work placement systems come in handy. 

Online software to help with summer work placements

While there are many benefits of doing a work placement. One of the most prominent is that it helps students to develop their skills and builds confidence. A work placement is a great way for students to gain experience in a particular field. Two examples of work placement systems software available, are Grofar, where you can manage your work-based learning program, and Sonia to streamline student placements programs.

Summer Adventures in Educational Technology

Summer adventures in educational technology

As the summer season unfolds, it brings with it a sense of excitement and possibility. If you are passionate about education and technology, you could unlock a world of career opportunities. It’s the ideal time to immerse yourself in the captivating realm of educational technology. Whether you’re a school leaver, uncertain of your future path, or a recent graduate seeking to chart a successful career, dedicating your summer to exploring the top job opportunities in educational technology is a decision that can shape your future.

Education conferences for students and educators to visit this summer 2023

The education world is buzzing with events and exciting conferences as the summer approaches. Whether you’re a student seeking guidance or an educator eager to stay abreast of the latest trends in teaching, there is something for everyone! Take advantage of this summer break to invest in your education and professional growth by attending an education conference near you. Here are some to consider checking out this summer,

  • TEDxYouth@School (various dates throughout the summer) in cities across the United States. These conferences are for students who are interested in sharing their ideas and making a difference in the world.
  • Education 2.0 Conference (July 10-12, 2023) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This conference is for educators who are interested in the latest trends in education technology
  • TeachMeet (various dates throughout the summer) in cities across the United States. These informal conferences are for educators who want to share ideas and learn from each other.

Participating in volunteering programs

What better way to kickstart your summer break if not volunteering for a great cause! Spending your holidays helping out at a local charity is a great way for students to learn about life. They may even discover new things about themselves. Volunteering helps develop leadership skills and experiences that will last a lifetime. Students can volunteer and discover how to help others while making new friends and enjoying the process. 

Finding a place to volunteer has never been easier. In this ever-modern era,  there are a vast of online platforms to browse from and easily sign up to volunteer. Some platforms even offer virtual volunteering opportunities!

1. Kiwanis gives you the option to join or donate. While students most probably rely on allowances, they could always opt to join the volunteering sessions. Perhaps they could also use their own social media platforms to spread the word on the organization they are volunteering at for other adults to donate to the great cause. If you would like to join a program via Kiwanis, just search for a club in your area, select which organization you are most passionate about, and wait for a Kiwanis member to contact you.

2. Volunteer Match is another non-profit organization that has a variety of good causes for you to choose to volunteer at or donate to. Some organizations on their platform include animals, youth and children, the community, and even health and medicine. Students are also able to virtually volunteer. Sweet! On the Volunteer Match site, just key in your postal code or area to search for opportunities near you. The organizations in your area will pop up on your screen, all categorized in their respective causes which makes it easier for you to browse through. Once you have made your choice, just click the “I Want to Help” button and sign up!

Taking up a productive hobby

Whatever students decide to do this summer — work, volunteer, intern, or study, encourage them to take up new, interesting hobbies. Before school lets out, challenge them to learn a new skill. Perhaps learn to play a new musical instrument, channel their creative side through painting or sculpting, try out crocheting or reading if you prefer to stay indoors, take up gardening (you can always start small, with succulents for instance), and the list goes on. 

The benefits of a productive hobby are endless. Reading expands students’ minds and introduces them to other worlds (albeit fictional) while sharpening their comprehension skills and broadening their vocabulary. Students are also able to make new friends with the same interests and this indirectly improves their communication skills outside of school. They can also be encouraged to join the school team once school is back in session. If a club hasn’t been formed yet, they can learn leadership skills and take the initiative to start one themselves. 

Escape to a bookish paradise 

Ready to make the most of your summer break? Creating a summer reading list is one way to engage your mind and explore new horizons during these long, lazy days. If you do not have one yet, you could check out The Ultimate Summer 2023 Reading List or see these authors pick their summer reads for some inspiration!

Whether it’s delving into classic literature, diving into thought-provoking non-fiction, or exploring the realms of fantasy, a well-curated reading list can transport you to different times, places, and perspectives. So, grab a cozy spot under the sun, a refreshing beverage, and let your mind wander as you embark on an unforgettable journey through the pages of books. It’s time to make your summer break an enriching and unforgettable experience through the power of literature. 

Design the best summer you want

It is never too late to develop a new skill or start a new hobby. The summertime is the best time for students to search for their hidden talents or find something that they are passionate about. To pour their heart out into doing something that they love, or even searching for that “something”. It is the time they can give their undivided attention without worrying about the piling of school work and examinations. 

Along with relaxation, summer break gives students the best opportunity to learn and explore new things. These unique opportunities would help them polish their social skills and gain new knowledge outside of a traditional classroom setting. Although summer breaks are essential for giving the mind much-needed rest, it is important for students to draw the line between resting and succumbing to summer flying by. 

Wishing you a Happy Summer Holiday from all of us at QuickSchools. Stay safe and stay productive this summer!

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