Kickoff to QuickSchools’ 2022 Webinar Series

2022 is finally here! After a brief hiatus in December last year, QuickSchools is excited to bring back our monthly webinar series to our community.

We’ll kick off 2022 with one of our most requested webinars – Google Classroom Integration for Admins. This webinar will answer the following questions:

  • What is Google Classroom?
  • How does the integration work?
  • What are the quirks and limitations of Google Classroom integration with QuickSchools?
  • How do I set up and roll out Google Classroom on QuickSchools? Note: There’ll be a 10 min live demo on how to set up and roll out.

We’d like to emphasize that this webinar is geared for school administrators. We’ll be offering a separate Google Classroom webinar for teachers in the near future. More details to come later.

This webinar is interactive. Post questions and answer polls during the 30-minute presentation session. Engage in more detailed discussion during the follow-up, 30-minute Q&A session.

The Google Classroom Integration for Admins webinar is scheduled for Thursday, January 13 at 11 AM (PST) / 2 PM (EST). Register by logging on to your QuickSchools account. The registration link is available on the Teachers’ Lounge page.

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