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As most of you know, our Online Forms App allows you to add Fillable PDF Forms to your online form packet. To further allow your forms to go paperless, the online forms also allows users to add their electronic signature into the pdf form. This is useful for situations where you need a contract signed by the students as well as by the school.

Setting up Online Forms Signature

If you have not yet installed the Online Forms App in your QuickSchools account, you can do so via our App Store — search for Online Forms and click on Install

Once the app has been installed and configured, we would need to enable SVG for the online forms. This will allow Cross-Browser Compatibility and allow you to add digital signatures to the form. This is currently a hidden feature. To have this enabled please send us an email at

After SVG has been enabled for your account, we can now start setting up our Online Form Packet. Please note that when configuring the Online Form Packet, enable the One Form per Child option. This will allow parents to send a form per child, and allows any mapped information to be automatically filled (i.e. Student Data):

Once the online form has been configured, we can now upload our Fillable PDF File. This can be done by clicking on Upload PDF > Enter the name of the form and upload the pdf file

After the PDF Form is uploaded, we would now need to Upload the SVG file. You can convert the PDF file into an SVG file through third-party apps such as Adobe Illustrator. Alternatively, we can convert this for you, simply send us the pdf files to

After the SVG file is uploaded, we would need to map the fields accordingly. To map the Signature fields – Select Signature Field and give this a unique field name.

Save the form and the online form packet and you’re good to go! 

Signing Forms as Students / Parents

Parents and Students can access and sign the form via their respective profiles.

Signing Forms as Administrators

Administrators for the Online Forms app can also add their signature to the form after it is submitted. This can be done by going to Online Forms > click on View Submissions beside the online form packet name. You can either edit the submissions individually or by bulk via Bulk Processing.


Signature Types

Currently, there are 3 ways a signature could be added:

  1. Signature via Text
  1. Signature via Mouse/Finger
  1. Signature via Image Upload

Only one type of signature can be enabled at a time. Please contact support to have Signatures via Mouse or Signatures via Image enabled.

If the school would want to use Signature via image, please make sure the field has enough space to accommodate the image (so that it would not appear too small in the form).

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