Temporary School Closures

The COVID-19 (or CoronaVirus) pandemic is adversely affecting many schools across the world. Schools are forced to adapt by implementing online learning solutions, to allow teaching to take place even while students stay at home.

At QuickSchools, we will be releasing new features to help schools adapt to this changing environment. In addition to improved integration to Google Classroom, we are also developing our own online learning tools, like Homework Submissions, and Online Grading. We hope to release these new features over the coming months.

But for schools who are unable to implement an online learning solution, and need to close their doors temporarily, if you plan to re-open in the coming months, please reach out to our support team about keeping your data active. Accounts that are cancelled or suspended are automatically removed from our servers in line with privacy laws. So if you cancel your account with us, and decide to come back a few months down the road, you will need to start a new account from scratch.

We understand that nothing is certain in these strange times. But we also have to be compliant with privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data that is removed intentionally, in compliance with GDPR, is removed permanently and cannot be recovered.

We hope that schools can remain open despite these challenges. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help deal with these challenges.

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