New Release – May 23, 2020

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Online Learning Improvements

  • WYSIWYG for Homework
  • WYSIWYG for Lesson Plans
  • Remember selected Subject when moving between modules
  • Display Homework module on Student and Parent Portal

Featured Improvements

  • Option to copy gradebook formula on semester activation
  • Online Form Importer Bug Fixes and Improvements

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Improve support for changing the Bell Schedule in Master Scheduler
  • New Framework for sending Emails from Summary Reports (App)
  • New Report Creator Filter for incoming days
  • Report Creator improvement for Communications Enabled
  • Improve server performance during cross-domain functions
  • General Security Improvements
  • Bug Fix when connecting to Stripe
  • Bug Fix when connecting to Google Classroom

Online Learning Improvements

With more and more schools relying on QuickSchools to deliver online learning, we’re introducing a few new features in the coming months, the first of which is the new WYSIWYG toolbar when creating Homework and Lesson Plans:

You’ll also find that when navigating between modules like Homework, Gradebook and Subject-based Lesson Plans, the system will remember the selected subject:

Finally, just to make things a little more obvious for students and parents on their respective portals, we’ve created a dedicated “Homework” tab:

For right now, schools will have to enable this feature via the “Settings” page:

In the near feature, the menu will be enabled by default when the Homework module is enabled.

Copying Gradebook Elements during Semester Activation 

When activating a new academic term, we’ve introduced a new configuration area where you can control Gradebook elements to be copied over. You can see the new “Configure” link on the far right under “New Semester Setup” > “View All Semester”:

Clicking on it will show the following options:

Feel free to configure these setting before activating a new (and empty) academic term. To learn more about Admin Columns, check out this article.

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