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We have a new importer available in Quickschools, this time for the Online Forms app. The importer allows you to create new submissions within a form packet. You can then manage each submission as you normally would. The importer is currently in private beta, so you’ll have to request it via chat or email. Here’s how it works:

A new “Import” button is made available for all form packets:

The mapping process is the same across all of our importers. Just map the fields from your excel file to those in your form. To make things easier, the drop down will show the form name first just in case you have similarly named fields in other forms.

Sample import file
Mapping the fields

When the import is complete, new submissions will be added. You can then open a form to verify the data:

Imported submissions
Completed form after an import

In the case where the Quickschools form now contains additional fields, you can use the “auto-response email” in conjunction with the “non-authenticated users” feature to allow the remaining fields to be completed.

If you use the Online Forms app and are interested in adding the importer, please let us know. We’ll be updating this page with a link to the manual when it becomes available.

UPDATE: Online Importer Manual is now available in our support site:

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