Copy Schedule when Activating a New Term

Academic terms in QuickSchools are self-contained or designed to work independently of one another. When you edit/create subjects and enrollments in one semester, it does not affect other semesters within your account. 

We understand that recreating all school data from scratch whenever a new term is created would be troublesome. So when you do activate a new academic term, you have the option of copying data to the new academic term, based on the previously active academic term. Aside from subjects and enrollments, a new copy of the schedule can also be created upon the activation of the new term. This simplifies the process of schools that have the same schedule throughout the year, and provides a starting point if you need to make scheduling changes that do not affect previous terms.

Here’s how to copy the schedule to the next term.

  • Make sure that the source schedule is active.
  • Activate the new term via New Semester Setup > View All Semesters
  • Select ‘Yes, copy info’. The system will copy the setup of the previous term along with the schedule.
  • A copy of schedule linked to the new term will be created and will be automatically set as your Active Schedule

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to chat in anytime!

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