New Release: Sprint E18

Happy Thanksgiving to our customers in Canada!

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Google Classroom Framework Improvements (Beta)
  • Messaging
    • WYSIWYG Editor for Email Messaging (Beta) – See Below
    • Exclude inactive students from dropdown
  • Gradebook Improvements
    • Option to Drop Lowest Grade – See Below
    • Copy Locked Column when activating new academic term
    • Gradebook Importer now handles duplicate Final Grade columns
  • Fee Tracking
    • Auto-Allocate by Date
    • Mass Auto-Allocate
  • Lesson Plans by Subject
    • Can post Homework Assignments via the “By Month” screen
    • Report Creator support for Lesson Plan fields
  • Simplified Scheduling – See Below
    • Option to rename Periods
    • New menu to display schedules by Grade Level
    • Display Subject Code / Abbreviation in Schedule tab
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Typo in Axiom Integration File Name
    • Sort students alphabetically in Private Messaging
    • Properly delete related admissions record when student is permanently deleted
    • Move custom fields to the left in Discipline Module
    • Clean up labelling support for Discipline module
    • Bug fix for Alternate Homeroom Teachers, where teacher is both Homeroom Teacher and Alternate Homeroom Teacher

WYSIWYG Editor for Email Messaging (BETA)

This is a highly requested feature, so we thought we’d release an early BETA version, for those interested to use it right away. There are still a few kinks in the system, and we’ll be solidifying this module in the next Sprint:

Email Messaging with WYSIWYG Editor (Beta)

If you’d like to try out this new WYSIWYG Editor, please make a request to our support personnel, and we’ll turn it on for you. We’re looking for feedback to improve it. This feature will eventually be enabled for all schools, once it’s deemed stable for general use. So stay tuned!

Gradebook Option to Drop Lowest Grade

We have a new feature that will allow teachers to automatically exclude the lowest grade for any Gradebook Category. To allow teachers to use this feature, the School Admin will need to turn it on by configuring the “Gradebook / Report Cards” module, under “Setting” > “Turn Features On / Off”:

Set Setting to enable Drop Lowest Score in Gradebook

Once enabled, teachers will see a new section to allow the lowest grade for any selected Gradebook Category to be automatically excluded. The lowest grade for each category will appear in grey:

Gradebook with enabled Drop Lowest Score

Feel free to check this it out, and we look forward to your feedback.

Simplified Scheduling Improvements

We have a few small improvements to the Simplified Scheduling module. First off, you can now rename the periods when customizing the Period Structure. The Periods Names appear at the bottom of the Period Structure:

Rename Periods with customizing the Period Structure.

The period names will then appear in “Schedule” tab on the students/teachers record, as well as on the printed PDF. This feature is particularly helpful if you have breaks, and you need to renumber your periods to take the breaks into account.

Schedule tab with the new Period Name.

Notice that we’ve also adjusted the Schedule tab on the student record to display the subject code / abbreviation. This will make it easier for schools that have multiple sections for subject.

Finally, we’ve also introduced a new “Grade Schedule” menu, that will allow teachers to view schedules by Grade Level:

Schedule by Grade Level

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