Activating a New Semester

In QuickSchools, academic terms are self-contained, meaning that when you edit/create subjects and enrollments in one semester, it does not affect other semesters within your account. Before activating a new term, we recommend checking out this article: Checklist when Transitioning to a New Term/Semester.

To activate the next term, go to New Semester Setup > View All Semesters > click Activate across the new term:

Activating the next term

Note: If you have not added the new term, click the Add New Semester button to create one.

In activating the next term, you’ll have the option to copy info from the active term or activate an empty semester:

Yes, copy info (Recommended) – the system copies all data from the active term into the new term. Subjects and enrollments are carried over – so you’re pretty much all set for the new semester. Note that some modules are reset so you’ll have a fresh semester to accommodate new data. This way data are separated by terms. Modules like Gradebook, Homework, Class Discussions, and Scheduling are blank when you start a new term.

No, just activate empty semester – you’ll get a new semester without subjects, grade levels, and homerooms. So all students won’t have assigned grade levels, no homeroom enrollments, and no subject enrollments. You’d have create the student grade levels and homerooms, then assign to students. You also need to create new subjects and enroll the students accordingly.

Once you have activated the new term, teachers can start doing the following on the fresh semester:

  • Take attendance
  • Enter grades in the Gradebook
  • Post homework, lesson plans, Class Discussions

Admins can also start creating report card for the newly activated semester (only if done with the previous semester’s report cards).

Important Notes:

  • In this article, the word TERM is also equivalent to SEMESTER and QUARTER. It simply refers to your grading periods within an academic year.
  • The instruction in this article shows how to activate a new term within the same academic year. If you need to activate a new academic year’s semester, check out our article – Creating New Academic Year.




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