New Release: Sprint E13

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Mobile App Framework Improvement
    • Support to add/edit and delete Gradebook columns
  • Master Scheduler Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Fix New departments loading in real-time
    • Fix for Step 4, Sections no longer scheduled on Breaks during “Load”
    • Fix for Course Constraints
    • Clean-Up Distribute Courses from E12
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • New “Date of Birth” field in Admissions module (see below)
    • Report Creator fix to filter by Application Status (for Admissions module)
    • Bug when searching for student names with apostrophe
    • Default Gender is now “N/A”
    • Warn against changes to reports in Report Creator linked to Emails (see below)
    • Bug sending emails to deleted teachers 
    • Bug fixes to upcoming Advanced Discipline App
    • Upcoming Interventions module now supports attachments

New Date of Birth field in Admissions

By default, the Inquiry module within the Admissions feature only displays an “Age” field. However, this field gets stale for inquiries that persist longer than a year. And so we’ve introduced a new Date of Birth field which will auto-calculate the age for you.

To turn it on, go to “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off” and configure the Admissions module:

Enable the new “Date of Birth” field for Admissions Inquiries

Once enabled, you’ll see the new “Student Birth Date” field, and the “Student Age” field will be greyed out (and auto-calculated):

New Date of Birth field on Inquiry auto-calculates the Age of the applicant

Reports linked to Emails

The Report Creator supports emails, which can even be scheduled. This works by using columns from the report as fields in your email (like a Mail Merge). However, if you attempt to remove columns from your report that are actually being used in your email template, the system will now prompt you with the following warning:

Warning when saving a Report after removing a column needed in an Email Template
Warning when attempting to send an Email after removing a column needed for the Email Template

Please be aware that shared reports may be configured to send out emails. And so removing columns may have an adverse effect on these out-going emails. Hopefully, this new warning will help schools address this problem.

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