Onboarding with an Expert

Most of our customers start on QuickSchools on their own with a little help from support from time to time.

But onboarding into a new school management software can be quite intimidating if not at least a little confusing at times. Even the most experienced school admins might find themselves frustrated if the new product do not have the same menus or options that they are used to in previous systems.

I just want to start taking attendance!! Where are my classes? How come my students are not showing up??

For schools which are on the small side and fairly new, starting on QuickSchools could not be any easier. You can add students, teachers and subjects on the fly and using the ready templates available, you’re firing on all cylinders on Minute 3 of your journey. 😉

However, if you are a school with a few hundred students and more and have established many core processes to manage your day-to-day operations, things might need a little bit more organization in order for you to experience QuickSchools more smoothly. We recognize there is a need for a more structured approach to the onboarding process and we want to help!

We have since established a highly collaborative process to onboarding for schools who need it. We work with you to discuss your objectives so that we can prioritize the areas that should come first, second and so on.

We will use a common checklist that contains all the documentation and the timeline that starts from kick off through training and going live. What is great about this approach is the clarity that it brings you and to the team at QuickSchools right from the start. Any questions are dealt with at the beginning and in a very timely fashion so that we are both always 2 steps ahead during the implementation phase.

The line items that we review look a little bit like this:

School logo
Add Teachers/Staff
Will the school need to separate teachers and staff as a category?
Configure Settings
A lot goes on here once you start exploring options.
Enable Features
Always exciting to see the features come to life!
Configure Access
Never granular enough! 😉
Add Students/Parents
Will you be using student id numbers, naming convention, access? The list goes on…
Add Subjects
Have more than one section in a grade? We support that!
Add Enrollment (subject enrollment)
And here’s where it all comes together.
Additional Setup/Customizations
Report Cards
So many to choose from and of course, we customize to you!
Ditto for transcripts.
Easy straightforward scheduling for elementary right through complex master scheduling can be implemented in QuickSchools!
Advanced Config.
More configuration. This one is usually for the most complex of schools. We do have many obscure capabilities that we deliberately hide from the stock account as we think that will just confuse the bulk of users most unnecessarily.
Other (See Notes)
Historical Data/Additonal Imports
This is probably the most costly part of onboarding whereby we assign an engineer to work exclusively on your data sheets and importing those in.
How do you like it? Daily? By period or subject? Any other rules. This is when we find out.
The centerpiece in many SIS is the gradebook. Ours have plenty to offer from grading scales edits through fancy formula customizations.
Fee Tracking
Another area that could and maybe should be a standalone software on its own!
Yes, we have a place for the catch-all others. 🙂
Session 1 – Admin
We recommend working with a team of 3-5 people who can then help all other users use QuickSchools more effectively.
Session 2 – Teachers
Here’s when we do a direct training for the rest of the team.
Project Management
Frequent, regular touch base
We work with the person in charge at the school to track the progress of how things are going on a weekly basis. Progress, issues are highlighted at these meetings.

In closing, if you think your school will require a more programmatic approach as you onboard with QuickSchools, let us know and we can craft a plan out for you. Prices start at a super affordable $2,000 for the base case.

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