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Mailing Address Labels for Parents via Mail Merge

June 6, 2013

We’ve been asked several times on how to create mailing address labels for parents. This can actually very easily be done using MS Excel and MS Word. Here’s a quick tutorial:

First, Download the Mail Merge file from QuickSchools

Assuming you have access, just go to “Reports”, and find the “Parent Data for Mail Merge” report on QuickSchools, attached to “Current Student Data”. It is most likely on page 2 or 3 of your “Reports” menu.

Parent Data for Mail Merge Report

Parent Data for Mail Merge Report

Just click on the “Excel” button to download, and save it on your local machine.

Next, Open up MS Word. There are actually 3 steps here:

1 – “Start Mail Merge”: This is where you decide the format of the label. You may want 30 labels per page, for example:

Start Mail Merge

Start Mail Merge

2 – “Select Recipient List”: This is where you select the Excel file that you downloaded.

Select Recipient List

Select Recipient List

3 – “Insert Merge Field”: This is where you select which fields to include in your label.

Insert Merge Field

Insert Merge Field

The steps may differ slightly depending on the version of MS Word that you’re using. And you can probably find lots of tutorials for this on YouTube. Here’s one I found particularly useful:


Shout out to Ralph Phillips for putting together an awesome video. If you need help with this, please feel free to come chat with us.

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