Taking Attendance in the Future

As you probably know, when accessing the Attendance Roster in QuickSchools, you cannot select a future date. So if you know that a student is going to be absent for whatever reason, how would you notate that in the system?

The solution is the Custom Attendance Codes App. This app was first released way back in 2014, so it’s quite stable and a useful feature. More info here:


But just to summarize, with the Custom Attendance Codes app, you can define attendance codes for specific situations, like “Vacation”, or “Medical Leave”, or “Late Start”. And for each code you can assign a corresponding attendance value like “Present” or “Absent” or “Absent with Excuse”:

Custom Attendance Codes

Once you have predefined all your custom attendance codes, you can use the “Daily Status” menu, to enter attendance for student for any date range (particularly for the future):

Daily Status with Attendance Codes

The module does not actually take attendance in the future. But what it does is presets the attendance values in the Attendance Roster when the teacher takes attendance. You can also optionally display the Attendance Code and/or the Daily Status Remark, so that the teacher knows what is going on with the student:

Attendance Roster with Custom Codes
Attendance Roster with Custom Codes

Once attendance is taken, the record is reflected like normal in the students Attendance Profile.

Attendance Profile

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