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New Release: Sprint D15

November 5, 2018

Sprint D15 was released today. Here’s a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

  • Gradebook (see below)
    • Formula columns can now be hidden/published to parents
    • Importer support for Student Number and Final Grade
  • Bulk Email Report Cards (see below)
    • Confirmation Pop-Up
  • Online Forms
    • Bulk Download Custom Forms
  • Audit Trail when switching subscription plans
  • Course Request Templates (see below)
    • Limit on Course Request Templates for Student Portal
  • Lunch Ordering Improvements
    • Ability to Fulfill orders again
    • Parent Ordering Bug Fix
  • Updated Dropdowns on various screens (see below)
  • Miscellaneous improvements / refactoring for Master Scheduler
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
    • Fee Tracking Decimals
    • Saving Transcripts
    • Purchasing Messaging Credits from Account Credits (for Paid Parent Messaging)
    • Report Creator (Discipline)


When creating / editing a Formula Column in the Gradebook, there is now a new check box labelled “Publish to column to parents“ (similar to regular columns):

Publish Formula Column in Gradebook

Also, when importing records to the Gradebook, you can now (1) use student number instead of student name, and (2) specify whether a column is a final grade.

Bulk Email Report Cards

In the previous Sprint, we introduced the ability to “Bulk Email Report Cards”. With this latest release, there is now a confirmation pop-up, so that users don’t accidentally email out the report cards:

Confirm Bulk Email Report Cards

Confirm Bulk Email Report Cards

Course Request Templates

When building Course Request Templates in the Master Scheduler, you can now specify a maximum number of requests per course. Just access the course under “Configure Courses” in “Step 1”:

Course Request Limit by Course for Student Portal

Updated Dropdowns

Several screens have updated dropdowns, so that you can search for options:

Updated Dropdown on Student Record

Updated Dropdown in Report Cards

Updated Dropdown in Report Cards

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