New Release: Sprint D15

Sprint D15 was released today. Here’s a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

  • Gradebook (see below)
    • Formula columns can now be hidden/published to parents
    • Importer support for Student Number and Final Grade
  • Bulk Email Report Cards (see below)
    • Confirmation Pop-Up
  • Online Forms
    • Bulk Download Custom Forms
  • Audit Trail when switching subscription plans
  • Course Request Templates (see below)
    • Limit on Course Request Templates for Student Portal
  • Lunch Ordering Improvements
    • Ability to Fulfill orders again
    • Parent Ordering Bug Fix
  • Updated Dropdowns on various screens (see below)
  • Miscellaneous improvements / refactoring for Master Scheduler
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
    • Fee Tracking Decimals
    • Saving Transcripts
    • Purchasing Messaging Credits from Account Credits (for Paid Parent Messaging)
    • Report Creator (Discipline)


When creating / editing a Formula Column in the Gradebook, there is now a new check box labelled “Publish to column to parents“ (similar to regular columns):

Publish Formula Column in Gradebook

Also, when importing records to the Gradebook, you can now (1) use student number instead of student name, and (2) specify whether a column is a final grade.

Bulk Email Report Cards

In the previous Sprint, we introduced the ability to “Bulk Email Report Cards”. With this latest release, there is now a confirmation pop-up, so that users don’t accidentally email out the report cards:

Confirm Bulk Email Report Cards
Confirm Bulk Email Report Cards

Course Request Templates

When building Course Request Templates in the Master Scheduler, you can now specify a maximum number of requests per course. Just access the course under “Configure Courses” in “Step 1”:

Course Request Limit by Course for Student Portal

Updated Dropdowns

Several screens have updated dropdowns, so that you can search for options:

Updated Dropdown on Student Record

Updated Dropdown in Report Cards
Updated Dropdown in Report Cards

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  1. […] The second way is to use the Report Card module, which allows you to add more detail to the document (like comments, etc). By using the Report Cards module, you can leverage the flexibility of the module, while still providing a snapshot of the calculated grades from the Gradebook (simply by locking the session). Progress Reports produced in this way can be published, printed and emailed parents as a PDF document. […]

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