Integration to Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a very different beast compared to Student Information Systems (SIS), which is what QuickSchools provides as an online service. Student Information Systems (also known as School Management Systems or School Administration Systems) focus on record keeping, and the administrative aspects of running a school (track student demographics, attendance, grades, fees, transcripts, etc). Learning Management Systems on the other hand focus on the delivery of content (or lessons) to students, and is primarily used by teachers.

There is a big overlap between the 2 systems though. School Management Systems are known to provide some level of LMS functionality, such as portals for students and parents to download homework assignments. Learning Management Systems too have been known to produce report cards, which has mainly been in the realm of SISs. But it’s really hard for any vendor or company to provide focus in both areas, as they are primarily different markets with different needs.

The large overlap between the two types of systems suggests that integration would allow schools to tap into the best of both worlds – so teachers can use an LMS to share lessons and record grades, while administrators can use an SIS to produce report cards and transcripts.

We announced last year that we now support integration with Schoology, which is an awesome Learning Management System in the market today. But Schoology is not the only LMS out there, and it does focus only on K-12 schools. And so, we’ve decided to introduce more apps in this area.

In the coming months, we’ll be providing integration to the following LMSs:

But just so you guys know, for those who do not need the expanded features of a fully dedicated LMS, QuickSchools does come with many features that are in the realm of LMS too. So if you’d like to keep things simple without integration, here are some LMS features already available in QuickSchools:

If you’re interested in any of these features or integration to the LMSs featured above, please contact our staff. We may be able to get you early beta access to the LMS integration apps, so you can get a sense of how integration would work for you.

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    • Hi John! Thanks for your comment. Yup! Haiku Integration is available as a private beta. Come chat with us and we can get you setup 🙂

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