We’re Back!

It’s been over a year since our last QuickSchools blog post. Despite the silence, we’ve been hard at work, partnering with public school districts in California to expand our offering. After more than 2 years of development, we’re now ready to share the knowledge and functionality that we’ve built with the rest of our customer base – That means YOU!

In the coming months, you can expect new and expanded modules to our core offering. This includes improvements to our Gradebook and Transcripts module, just to name a few. We’ll also release new apps to our App Store. Some examples of upcoming modules / apps are listed below:

  • Counselor Notes
  • Community Service
  • Special Education
  • Tests and Assessments
  • Expanded Health / Medical
  • Phone Surveys
  • College Letters
  • Work Permits
  • Section-based Master Scheduler and Attendance
  • Course Requests

However, one major improvement that we’re excited to share is our enhanced District / Group School setup. You can now link several schools together into a district configuration, and then allow data to be shared/transferred between schools. We’ll write a separate article with more information on this.

Here’s a summary of the improvements with the new District / Group School setup:

Unified Student Records

Student records can now be transferred between schools. This comes in handy if you have an elementary and secondary schools that function independently within the district. Student records can be transferred seamlessly between schools. And Information about each student can also be shared or transferred with the student as they move from school to school.

Unified Teacher Records

Teacher records can also be shared/between schools. This comes in handy if you have teachers that teach at multiple schools within your group/district, or if you have a teacher being transferred between schools. You can control which schools the teacher has access to, and the teacher can easily switch between schools from a single log-in.

Unified Parent Records

Parent records can already be linked to multiple students, but with this new improvement, parents can also access students even if they are at different schools. So you can provide a single login for each parent to access all their student records.

Unified Modules

Many modules now support a district version, where information is tracked centrally. For example, for parent messaging, in addition to schools sending out messages for their own parents, a district administrator can also send out a district-wide message to all parent/student/teachers for all schools within the group. Another example is admin staff at the new school can access and review attendance and grade data from the previous school automatically. We’ll have more on this in a future post.

Unified Reporting

As each school collects data for their site, you can run reports centrally, and compare data from multiple schools in a single report.

An important thing to note, is that even though with this new framework sites can share all the information listed within the group/district, we do have the ability to only unify certain information, depending on the policies of the school/district. So schools can choose to keep data for certainly modules completely site-specific, in which case, users will need to access the school in order to access data from that school. We’ll discuss more on this in a future post as well.

That’s all for now. Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements. If you have a particular interest in any of these modules / features, please chat in, or leave comment. The order in which we publish these improvements will be based on what people are asking for most.

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  1. Thanks for breathing the blog back to life, Azroy. We really had to knuckle down for the past couple of years to focus on getting our features in ship shape. Next few months will be super exciting as we share these newly minted innovations with everyone. Stay tuned!

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