New Parent Portal Feature Released

As part of the many enhancements we’ve been making, we’ve added a new feature inside our Parent Portal which allows parents to edit their personal information.  No more fielding calls by parents to change an address; the parent can simply log-on to the Parent Portal and easily change it.  This keeps critical information up-to-date. 

The feature is fully controlled by you. If you decide not to use it, the parent’s personal information screen will remain read-only.

How It Works

From your home page, head to the Features tab.  Beside the words “Parent Portal” there is a “Configure” button.  Click on it.

A new box will open as a pop-up. This box allows you to set permissions. Click on the button that says “Parents can log in with their own username and password to access their child’s records.” It is in the upper left hand corner.

After you’ve set the permission for parents to edit, you need to invite parents to the Parent Portal if you haven’t already done so. Just click on “Parent Portal” and the screen will give you an overview of parents who have already been invited. At this time you might want to edit the email, and re-invite all parents in order to update them about the new feature.

To invite parents, click on the “invite” feature at the top of the screen. It will pull up a screen with the editable email and the students’ names. If the parents have an email address in the system, an invite button will pop up to the right of their information. Just click on the invite button. It’s that simple!

What Will Parents See?

Parents will receive an email from you that looks something like this. Remember you can edit the email to update the parents on the new feature.

Dear Parent Name

Schoolname is now using QuickSchools, an online school management software that keeps track of your child’s progress.

As parents, you too can get updates on your child’s records and progress via your account, which is now ready for use.

Your login details are:

Username :
Password : 5073


Principal name,
School name

When a parent clicks on the link and logs in, he is taken to his home page where he can click on “Personal Information” and see his address, phone numbers, email address, best way to contact him, and other information. He can edit information with just a few mouse clicks and the school’s database is updated as well. So much simpler for everyone than the parent calling in and having to request the school to do it.

Watch this video for a quick overview of the system.

If you need help, come chat with one of our live chat agents.

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