Exciting Updates to the Homework Module

After much eager anticipation, QuickSchools.com would like to announce three exciting enhancements to the Homework module. First, teachers can now set due dates for each assignment created in the homework module. Second, teachers can upload attachments for each assignment. Students can then download those attachments in their accounts. Third, teachers can now manage the assignment information for other teachers if given this right by the account administrators. These three updates increase the homework module’s functionality and usability – making it even more valuable for teachers, students and parents.

Let’s briefly review each enhancement in more detail:

Assigning Due Dates

Some students will find any excuse to avoid completing their homework assignments on time. Thankfully, the homework module has become even more excuse proof by featuring a new due date assignment feature. Teachers can create due dates for each assignment in the homework module so students can clearly determine when their homework must be completed.

Uploading and Downloading Files

The file uploading and downloading feature is a perfect time saver for those teachers with students who always seem to lose their homework handouts. Now, rather than taking the time to print off handouts, teachers can direct their students to download all files through QuickSchools.com’s homework module.

When students login to their QuickSchools.com accounts, they can quickly navigate to the homework tab on their account page to download each attachment provided to them by various instructors.

Other Teacher Assigning

At times, teachers must rely on each other to ensure their lesson plans remain on schedule. The final homework module enhancement recognizes this interconnectivity by allowing teachers to create assignments and upload files for their colleagues.

For example, if a teacher is on vacation or sick, they can ask a colleague to upload upcoming assignments for their classes. The account administrator can assign this privilege to specific teachers, maintaining control over who can access these assignment rights.

These three homework module enhancements are designed to further streamline and simplify the homework assignment process and have received positive feedback since their release. If you would like to learn even more about these homework module enhancements, click on the video below to view a quick tour.

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