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All the data that you key into your QuickSchools account can be viewed via our QuickSchools reports. Here are some important characteristic of our reports:

  • Reports are in HTML format, which can easily be printed.
  • Data is displayed in tabular format like Excel, making it easy to understand.
  • Reports can be easily copied and pasted into Excel, and stored on your local PC.

Please note that these reports are different from report cards. Report cards specifically display student grades/evaluations only and are in PDF format.

Here are some other things you should know about the QuickSchools Reporting:

Enabling Reports for Modules and Users

First of all, we have reports for all our modules, from admissions and attendance to report cards and gradebook. If a module is not enabled, the related reports are not enabled, and this helps reduce clutter. You’ll have to turn on and use the module before you can see the reports.

Secondly, only the School Administrator has automatic access to all reports. For everybody else, access to reports needs to be assigned via the Features page. Just click on “Features” on the top right, click on “Configure” next to the module’s name, and add the appropriate users to the section that relates to report access for that module. Only the school administrator can assign access to users.

You can enable access to reports for specific users

Running the Reports

If you have access to reports, the “Reports” menu will appear across the top navigation bar. Clicking on it will bring up the list of reports that you have access to. The reports are organized alphabetically by module. And for each module, there may be several reports, as well as several variations (or formats) for each report. Here’s a sample of what your report listing might look like:

Each report has several formats/variations that you can select

Finally, when you click on “View” to access the report, a new window will pop up. Be sure to check your pop-up blocker. You’ll notice several things about the HTML report that is generated.

You can change the Report Variation, and Filter the results

The top most section right below the title header is a drop down called “Report Variation”. You can select a different variation, and then click “Change”, and that will bring up the same data but in a different format.

The next section right under “Show Filter” displays some filters that you can use to search through the data. Some things to note here are the dates, which is always in “MM/DD/YYYY” format. Also, when selecting a date range, the query excludes the last date. So for example, if you select a start date of “07/01/2010” and an end date of “08/31/2010”, the query will exclude “08/31/2010”. So you should instead put in “09/01/2010” as the end date to include “08/31/2010” in the query results.

The last section is the table of results. This format is fixed. You can only change the format by selecting a different Report Variation from the drop down. However, if you would like to move columns around, add filters etc, to your reports, contact one of our live chat personnel, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

UPDATE Nov 11, 2013

Since upgrading to HTML5, the Flash interface is no longer valid. Please see the following article for updated screenshots:



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