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New Release: Sprint D16

November 27, 2018

Sprint D16 was released late last night. Here’s a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

  • Gradebook (see below)
    • Create Columns for multiple subjects
  • Standards-Based Gradebook
    • Horizontal Scroll Bar for Assessments
  • Lesson Plans Configuration for School Days (see below)
  • Attendance PDF for Homeroom Attendance (see below)
  • Student Importer now supports Parent Communication Preferences
  • Report Card Email History
  • Fee Tracking Statements Email History
  • Updated Reports for Lunch Ordering App
  • App Review Framework Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
    • Report Creator for Discipline Incidents
    • Demerits Dropdown for Discipline
    • Library App Bug Fixes
    • Tags on Parent Portal

Incidentally, our servers were upgraded over the past weekend. We should see general performance improvements. Will be doing further infrastructure upgrades during the upcoming Christmas holidays.


When creating a new column, you now have the option of creating the same column for other subjects that you teach. Simply select any additional subjects from the dropdown:

Create Gradebook Columns for Multiple Subjects

Create Gradebook Columns for Multiple Subjects

Lesson Plans Configuration for School Days

You can now configure school days under “Edit Overall Settings”:

Configure School Days from "Edit Overall Setttings"

However, this new setting is currently only being used for the Subject-Based Lesson Plans module (currently in Beta). We’ll be extending the configuration for other modules soon.

Here’s an example with School Days set to only Saturday and Sunday:
Read more…

QuickSchools is Great for Adult Programs, Small Colleges & Trade Schools

November 20, 2018

QuickSchools is great for all kinds of adult programs and colleges, not just K12 schools. This includes trade schools, colleges, vocational institutes, etc. If you have a school for adults, albeit a nursing school, beauty school, driving school, seminary institute or a school for culinary arts, you can take advantage of QuickSchools to keep track of performance, communicate with all your students and much more.

The first time you sign up for a 30-day QuickSchools trial, you’ll notice that your account is configured for K-12 by default. But you can very easily change your settings to accommodate your particular type of school:

11.20 Blog Photo 1

Click here for help getting started: Setup Guide for Colleges & Trade Schools

Can I Edit/Delete Fees?

November 19, 2018

The Fee Tracking module in QuickSchools is a very useful tool for tracking and communicating fees and payments with students and parents. In some case, schools may even allow students and parents to make payments online. Although this Fee Tracking module is not a full blown accounting module, we do adhere to certain accounting principles in order to allow the current and future integration of the Fee Tracking module with external accounting programs.

Fee Transactions can only be Deleted, not Edited

Fee Transactions can only be Deleted, not Edited

In the accounting world, transactions should never really be edited, or even deleted. When an error is made, usually a new transaction needs to be created to offset the original transaction. As a result, our fee tracking module currently does not allow transactions to be edited. So if a mistake is made during data entry, the user will either need to delete the original transaction, or create a new transaction to offset the error.

Scheduled Maintenance for Nov 24

November 16, 2018

QuickSchools will be offline for scheduled maintenance on Saturday Nov 24 at 1 am US Eastern Standard Time (or Friday Nov 23 starting 10 pm US Pacific Standard Time). Service will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours while we upgrade some server infrastructure. Please take note, and make accommodations as necessarily. For further inquiries, please contact QuickSchools Technical Support via chat or email.

UPDATE Nov 24 2:15 am ET:

Server maintenance has been completed, and services have been restored. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Locking/Publishing Report Cards

November 15, 2018

The first time you create a new QuickSchools Report Card set, they are not accessible in the student or parent portals. After all, recently created report cards need time to be filled and reviewed. Once the report card set is locked, and no further changes can be made, they are ready to be published online for parents and students to view.

Once you are satisfied with your report card set, you can lock it:

11.14 Blog 3

This will make it so that the report cards are no longer editable, if a teacher needs to make changes to a report card an admin will need to unlock the report card set before any changes can be made:

11.14 blog 4

Upon locking the report card set the system will automatically publish all report cards to the student and parent portals. If you want to prevent certain parents from viewing report cards online you can do so by simply deactivating the students report card, see details here – Hide Report Card from Student/Parent Portal

If a report card set was locked inadvertently we have function that will allow you to sync any updates that were made to grades after the fact see more here: Clear Locked Values

We also have a “History” link connected to each report card set that tracks any changes, you can use this link to see when and who locked a report card set:

11.14 BLOG 5

IMPORTANT! One final note, when you create a new report card session, by default the system locks and published the previous session.

We have a new beta feature that allows you to turn off the auto locking function, this will give you the ability to work on multiple sessions at once. Please chat in with us if you find that you need this turned on in your account.


Hide Report Card from Student/Parent Portal

November 14, 2018

QuickSchools gives schools the ability to publish report cards online to the Student Portal and Parent portal. School admin have full control over which report cards get published. When a report card set is locked by default all students report cards are set to activated and are automatically published to the portals.

If you do not want a certain student or group of students report cards to be visible online you can simply deactivate the report card for those students. You can do this by clicking “Deactivate” next to the report card or by selecting several report cards and then selecting “Deactivate” from the drop down menu:

11.14 Blog 1

Deactivated report cards will not appear in either the student or parent portal. See more here.

Online Forms: Auto-Emails Based on Status

November 9, 2018

QuickSchools Online Forms app allows you to configure e-mail templates and send out e-mail notifications automatically. You can send auto emails when someone is invited to fill out a form or when someone makes a submission.

You can also send out emails based on form status. For example, if students are accepted into your site you can add an “Accepted” status and send them an email welcoming them to your school or if some submissions are in progress you can send an email with a reminder to fill out forms. Statuses are configured in your form packet under “WorkFlow”:

11.8 Blog 1

Once your statuses are entered there you will be able to report on them:

11.8Blog 2

Once your statuses are setup you can Send an Email From Report Creator to forms packets based on status. Please chat in if you need any help setting this up.