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Historical Student Records

December 9, 2019

In QuickSchools you can readily access and view records for students who are actively enrolled at your site under the Students tab.

From this same screen you can also easily access historical records for students who have previously attended your school. Simply click on the tiny triangle in the search bar, check the box next to “Show students who have left” and “Show expelled students“, then the system will display previously enrolled students in your listing:

You can open the old record to access historical report cards, reports, etc. that are in the students file.

Adding Transfer/Historical Data to Transcripts

December 5, 2019

If you are a new subscriber with QuickSchools or if you have some new transfer students at your site, you may be looking for a way to add historical data to transcripts.

You can easily do this in the Transcripts module. Simply open a students transcript and click on the “Add Semester” button, the system will add a new entry for blank term:

Once you add in the blank term you can click in it to add a name, update the grade, program, course information, attendance, etc:

You can also achieve historical transcripts by importing historical data into your QuickSchools gradebook for past terms since gradebook information automatically transfers to both report cards and transcripts. We offer services to help with historical data migration if you would like to go this route please chat in for more information on this.

New Release: Sprint E21

November 26, 2019

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Gradebook PDF support for Summary by Weight Factor (See Below)
    • Custom Template for Gradebook PDF
    • Custom Template for Gradebook Progress Report PDF
  • New Final Grades option for Gradebook Formula (See Below)
  • Attendance Improvements
    • Attendance PDF now supports specific academic terms (See Below)
    • Bug fix when taking attendance for large schools
    • Improve Attendance Pie Chart
  • Google Classroom
    • Draft Grades in Google Classroom is synchronized as blank/empty grade
  • Updated Data Dictionary for Report Creator now includes support for:
    • Graphing for Lesson Plans
    • Graphing for Number of Gradebook Columns
    • Clean-Up Attendance-related Fields
    • Filtering for Gradebook Public Comments
    • Filtering for Fee Tracking Transaction Date
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Gradebook PDF displays multiple teachers for shared subjects
    • Emailing from Report Creator no longer in Beta (See Below)
    • Restrict administrator from deactivating own record
    • Library tab on Student record
    • Library bug fix for inactive students
    • Improvements to WYSIWYG Editor for Email Messaging (Beta)
    • Improve Delete function for Admissions
    • Remove deprecated Merge Student function
    • Canvas Integration connection bug fix
    • Scheduler bug fix for deleted periods
    • Enrollment bug fix for Group Schools
    • Login Bug Fix

Gradebook PDF support for Summary by Weight Factor

We’ve had several schools request that the generated Gradebook PDF categorize all the assessments into groups, based on the Weight Factors in the Final Grade formula. This new improvement aims to address that need. However, since the majority of our schools are fine using our existing Gradebook PDFs, this new feature is only available by request.

How it works

First off, let’s get on the same page on how Weight Factors are set up in the Final Grade formula in a Gradebook. Here’s a sample Final Grade formula:

Example Gradebook Final Grade formula

Notice that there are 2 weight factors worth 60% and 40% respectively. Each weight factor can contain ONE OR MORE Gradebook categories. We now have custom templates that display assignments based on Weight Factor (examples below).

Gradebook PDF supports Summary by Weight Factor

Here’s a sample of the Gradebook PDF available on the Student record (when you go to the “Gradebook” tab). This PDF displays all subjects for a particular student:

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Conference Review

November 25, 2019

It’s great to be back in the office. I spent the last 2 weeks attending 3 conferences, starting in Albany, then Louisville, and finally in Orlando FL for the FLOCS Conference. We had the opportunity to meet several long-time subscribers, which was a BLAST! Thanks for dropping by our QuickSchools booth:

Azroy and Azreen at the FLOCS Conference in Orlando FL

I had mentioned in a previous article about the A-ha / Eureka moment I observed whilst visiting schools in the Boston area. Part of that article also mentioned Chat Support being a consistent theme in the feedback we received from our customers. And that held true while speaking with customers who visited our booth.

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New Release: Sprint E20

November 14, 2019

Sprint E20 was delayed due to the extensive testing required for improvements to our core modules, in particular Attendance and Standards-Based Gradebook modules. We hope you enjoy these new improvements.

So here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Standands-Based Gradebook Improvements (See below)
    • Tool Tip when you hover over a grade for a students performance in a standard.
    • Improve the way standards are added/imported to the Gradebook
    • Ability to select specific standards within a Standard Set
    • Organize the way Standards are displayed for Parents
  • New Attendance Calendar (See below)
    • Configure School Days and Holidays
  • Subject Attendance Improvements (See below)
    • Indicator for Taken Attendance
    • Optional Submit Attendance
    • Roster respects students Enrollment Date
  • Updated Data Dictionary for Report Creator now includes support for:
    • Number of Columns in Gradebook
    • Gradebook Comments
    • Homework
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Student Importer now supports reactivating existing student records (See below).
    • Course Importer (For Master Scheduler and New Transcripts)
    • Preview Email Fix for WYSIWYG Editor
    • Bug fix for Submit Grades
    • Bug fix for Auto-Fill on Locked Columns
    • Option to show running GPA on Student Portal (BETA)
    • Fee Tracking bug fixes for Payment Allocation

Standards-Based Gradebook Improvements

On the Standards-Based Gradebook, you can now mouse over the grade for a standard, and it will display the calculation for that grade:

Mouse over a cell to see the calculation for students performance for a certain standard

You can still of course click on a cell to see the full detail behind the calculation:

View all Assessments for a Standard, along with calculation for the selected student

We’ve also simplified the way teachers can add standards to the gradebook. Here what you see when clicking on “Add Standard”:

Add standards from a Standard Set, or create your own standard

When adding standards from a Standard Set, you can now select specific standards from within the set:

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The A-Ha / Eureka Moment

November 11, 2019

So we had a chance to visit a few schools in Boston last week, as we made our way from Albany to Louisville for conferences. We don’t usually come on-site to meet with schools, seeing as QuickSchools is primarily an online service/product (to keep costs low). But when the opportunity presented itself, we were greatly appreciative of the hospitality provided to us.

First off, one consistent feedback we get from schools we spoke to is that the Live Chat support is super responsive. It’s there when you need it, all day every day. The support personnel are knowledgeable and understanding of the issues faced by users. Thank you for letting us know. It warms our hearts that we’re heading in the right direction when it comes to support. But I digress…

The other common theme that we’ve encountered, which is the topic of this article, has to do with the vastness of our product. There’s so much that the system can do, coupled with the fact that new improvements are being released on a regular basis, schools don’t necessarily realize the full potential of our product. 

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2019 ISACS Conference in Louisville

November 7, 2019

We are in Louisville KY today and tomorrow for the ISACS conference held at the Kentucky International Convention Center and the Marriott Hotel:

2019 ISACS Conference November 7 – 8

If you’re in the area, please drop by our QuickSchools booth. We’d love to hear from you. Here are some more pictures from the convention:

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