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New Admin & Principal Meetings

September 27, 2019

If you are a new principal or administrator using Quickschools for the first time, we’d like to invite you to schedule a free training session. In your account, you may have noticed the following announcement that was posted today:

This announcement will be available over the next 2 weeks. In order to schedule a meeting, click either the red “Request Form” button, or the “CLICK HERE” link, to complete the form:

We hope to get you up to speed with all of the available features in your account. We’d also like to take this opportunity to learn about the features you are interested in, as well as gather any feedback you may have about your current experiences with Quickschools.

Do note that a typical meeting can range between 20-40 minutes. If you are unavailable to meet, please click here for a helpful guide.

Teacher Attendance App

September 26, 2019

Attendance data management is not just about the students – it’s also for teachers. To create a holistic view of attendance statistics, attendance tracking extends to the entire ecosystem of the school. This means for your teachers too. 

The Teacher Attendance App essentially allows you to:

  • Take attendance for all your teachers in your school
  • Tabulates an attendance history so you can see a summary of attendance for the active semester
  • 3 types of attendance available (present, absent, tardy) 

Configuring Access

Here you can configure access for the Teacher Attendance  App depending on which users you want to be able to take attendance for the teachers. Only users who have been configured here will see this app appear on their menu. 

Taking Attendance

Just like taking attendance for students, the Teacher Attendance App works in a similar way. Just click the “Take Attendance” button and begin tracking your teachers. 

 Once the app is installed, it will automatically pull the teacher names and auto populate them into the app.

Just click on any of the 3 predefined options (present, absent, tardy) and the status will update from “not yet taken” to your selected option. 

Hit the “clear” button to change the status back to “not yet taken”. This is useful if you’ve accidentally pressed the wrong button or incorrectly marked attendance for any particular teacher. 

Viewing Attendance History 

So now that you’ve taken attendance, you can see the attendance summary per teacher for the active semester. This is a valuable snapshot for your school to identify teacher absenteeism for your active semester.

Your feedback is always valuable for us to serve you better. So do drop us a message to share your thoughts via the chat function or write to us at:! We hope this app comes in handy and look forward to hearing from you.

Custom Attendance Codes

September 24, 2019

The Custom Attendance Codes app has been in the QuickSchools App Store for several years now. The app itself has not changed much, but there are a couple new features to mention. So we thought we’d revisit this app and it’s functionality.

The Custom Attendance Codes app essentially allows you to

  • Create additional attendance codes specific to your school
  • Allow teachers to use custom attendance codes while taking attendance
  • Note/record attendance codes to be applied in the future
  • Inform teaches of applied attendance codes when taking attendance

Configuring Access

The Attendance Codes app essentially has 2 components that in combination can address the scenarios above, and these are (1) the Attendance Codes themselves, and (2) a Daily Status which is essentially the application of the Attendance Code on a date range. When configuring the app, you can keep these components purely for administrators, or you can allow teachers to view them on their Attendance roster:

Configure Access to the Attendance Codes App

Custom Attendance Codes

Users with administrative access to the Attendance Codes app will have the ability to view/edit Attendance Codes under the “Codes” submenu (under the main “Attendance” menu):

Manage Custom Attendance Codes for your School

When adding/editing an Attendance Code, the following fields are available to you:

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Emergency Contacts Report

September 23, 2019

We have a new Student Emergency Contacts report available in Quickschools. This report will assist in reviewing the emergency contacts available in your account and in gathering their information.

There are two variations to this report: “Emergency Contacts by Parent” and the “Emergency Contacts by Student”.

To access the report, just search for “emergency”

Both of these reports include the following lists:

  • Only Show Students with ONE Emergency Contact
  • Only Show Students with MORE THAN ONE Emergency Contact
  • Only Show Students WITHOUT an Emergency Contact

Here’s what the reports look like:

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Report on Uploaded Documents

September 19, 2019

Just a quick announcement. We’ve created 2 new reports in QuickSchools to view all files uploaded to the Documents tab for Students and Teachers. Just search for “Documents” under “Summary Reports“, and you’ll find it:

Reports for Student and Teacher Documents

The report simply shows all data from the Documents tab of the Student (and Teacher) record:

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New Release: Sprint E16

September 18, 2019

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Parent Messaging Improvements
    • Display Student Nickname when selecting Students from dropdown
    • Sending by subject now shows Subject Set Code (or Abbreviation)
  • Private Messaging Improvements
    • Display Student Nickname when selecting Students from dropdown
  • Axiom Integration App Improvements
    • Extracts will be zipped before transfer via SFTP
  • Gradebook Improvements
    • New Submit to Report Cards Function (Beta)
  • Mobile App Framework Improvement
    • Additional support for Gradebook API Calls
    • Fix Log-In Error for Teacher
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Typo in Google Classrooms module
    • Default Codeset for Interventions
    • Rename “Allocate” to “Apply” when referencing splitting of payment between siblings
    • Bug downloading attachments from Lesson Plans tab of Student record

Messaging Improvements

We’ve made some minor improvements to the Messaging module (previously Parent Messaging) for larger schools that have multiple sections for a single course. When selecting a subject/course from the dropdown, we now display the Subject Abbreviation, so you can easily differentiate between sections with the same subject name:

Subject Listing in Parent Messaging now includes the Subject Abbreviation / Code

Also, for schools that rely on the student’s nickname, the Student dropdown now includes the Nickname:

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The results are in!

September 16, 2019

Thank you for participating in our little survey about renaming the Parent Messaging menu in QuickSchools. We really appreciate the feedback. Looks like more than half of our respondents are okay with the proposed name change to “Messaging”:

Survey Results for Renaming Parent Messaging

There were a few alternate naming suggestions like “Communications”, but the second most popular response is actually to keep the menu as-is. We’ll likely be posting other surveys to get feedback on other areas of our software. As always, if you have a suggestion for us, please let us know via email or chat.