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Email Report Cards

October 28, 2020

So it’s the end of term, and your report cards are locked and published. How can you get the report cards generated in your QuickSchools account into the hands of your parents / students, especially if they’re not using the Parent Portal or Student Portal?

We introduced the ability to bulk email report cards back in October 2018. So we thought we’d highlight it again here, since it’s quite a useful tool. All you have to do is, from the main Report Cards listing, select all the report cards you want to email out, and then select “Email Report Card” from the menu:

Email Report Cards to parents or students in bulk

The system will prompt you for confirmation, so you don’t send it out accidentally:

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Paid Multi-User Zoom Account

October 23, 2020

In our most recent release, we introduced support to link your QuickSchools account with a single paid Zoom Account that supports multiple users:

Single Paid Zoom Account

With this setting enabled, you can link your QuickSchools account to a single Zoom Account:

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New Release – Oct 21, 2020

October 21, 2020

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

LMS: Assignments and Live Stream modules (Beta)

  • Support for multi-user Zoom account
  • Automatically convert Homework to Published Assignments when installing the Assignments App
  • Save selected teacher and subject when admin user moves between screens
  • Disable notifications for Draft Assignments
  • Disable unpublished assignments from Student/Parent Portals
  • Pagination fix for Assignments listing
  • Miscellaneous Database Upgrades

Other General Improvements

  • Ability to Email Latest Receipt (See below)
  • New Safeguard when saving empty Gradebook
  • Trial Sign-Up supports verification code
  • Update semester activation from “Create Semester”
  • Update Lesson Plans module to support Assignments
  • Update Lesson Plans module to hide Homework when Homework is disabled
  • Bug fix when using UK-format with weekly scheduled tasks
  • Bug fix when searching for members in Library App
  • Bug fix when accessing Report Cards with empty link to Standards-Based Gradebook

NOTE: We had to one patch release since our last major release on September 28:

Email Latest Receipt

Due to popular demand, we’re introducing a new feature to Email Latest Receipt. From the Fee Tracking module, must select a few students / families, and then select “Email Latest Receipt” from the menu:

Email Latest Receipt

This feature works just like “Email Latest Statement”. A pop-up window will appear to confirm the action. You can also specify the sender information, as well as add an optional message:

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Creating New Report Cards

October 20, 2020

Report Card season is coming around. If you’ve previously set up report cards on QuickSchools, here are some quick pointers on how to configure new sessions based on your previous settings:

Creating a new session

To create a new session, simply go to “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards” and click on the “Create New” link:

From there, you’ll just need to fill in the form. In particular, if you want to copy settings from a previous session, you can set the “Copy Setup From” field to a previously configured session:

NOTE: By default, when you create a new session, teachers will automatically get access to the session, in order to start filling in grades. Use the “Test Mode” feature to limit access to the report cards to specific users, in the event you want to make changes to the customization before allowing full access to teachers.

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New Release (Patch) – Oct 12, 2020

October 12, 2020

We’ve had a lot of usage with the Google Classroom Integration app that prompted an emergency patch that was deployed earlier this morning. We also included a quick fix to the Online Assignments app as well. Details of these improvements to QuickSchools are below: 

Google Classroom Enrollment Synchronization

The Google Classroom Integration regards Google Classroom as the source for student enrollment into courses. This means that if you enroll a mapped student into a mapped course in Google Classroom, the same student will automatically be enrolled into the same course in QuickSchools. However, for safety reasons, if you unenroll a student from a course in Google Classroom, the student will remain enrolled in the corresponding course in QuickSchools. 

This new patch now provides schools with more control over the enrollment synchronization behaviour. When installing / configuring the app, you now have two new options:

  • Option to disable automatic enrollment of students into courses
  • Option to enable automatic unenrollment of students into courses
New Google Classroom Integration options to control the enrollment synchronization

These settings are optional. We typically expect courses to be linked one-to-one, but with the auto-enrollment enabled, it’s possible to have a single course in Google Classroom linked to multiple courses in QuickSchools (i.e. for combined courses). But on the flip side, whenever a new student is enrolled into a course, you’d now need to do it twice, once is Google Classroom, and again in QuickSchools.

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Progress Reports from Gradebook

October 8, 2020

It’s that time of year where you’re scrambling to send parents / students some information about their academic performance. In many cases, you can send home a report card via our Report Cards module. But if you’re looking for something quick and easy, you could optionally send a snapshot of the Gradebook, and use that as a Progress Report in QuickSchools.

Here’s how it works:

What is in the Progress Report

If enabled, Students and Parents can actually access grades from the Gradebook directly from their portal. 

  • Only published and public information is available. So unpublished/hidden columns and subjects are invisible, as well as any Private Comments
  • If your gradebook has a published formula, the system will display a running calculation for that formula

Emailing Progress Reports

As an administrator, you can bulk email the current Progress Reports from the Gradebooks, from the main Students Listing. Simply select the students via the check boxes on the left, and select “Bulk Email Gradebook” from the table menu:

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Webinar Series

October 3, 2020

After more than a decade in the business, we finally ran our first QuickSchools webinar this past Wednesday (Sept 30), on the topic of customizing Report Cards. 

First QuickSchools Webinar on Customizing Report Cards

We had a pretty good turn out, and were delighted with the response that we received. For those interested in our Report Cards module, we recently posted an article about our Report Cards here:

So what’s next?

We’re looking to continue our webinar series on the subject of Transcripts, hopefully in early December. Keep a look out for the announcement. 

Thanks to all who participated!

New Release – Sept 28, 2020

September 28, 2020

The LMS features are coming along nicely. We’ll soon be moving this app out of Beta. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

LMS: Assignments and Live Stream modules (Beta)

  • Teachers can enter grades directly from the Assignments module
  • Parents can access the Live Stream and Calendar from the Parent Portal
  • Redefine Assignment Types to Online, In Person or No Submission
  • Improve Revision History for Student Portal
  • Class Discussion threads can be pinned to the top
  • General Refinements and bug Fixes to the Assignments listing

Google Classroom Integration Improvements

  • Update description for Manual Sync
  • Fix bug when running manual sync while sync is already scheduled
  • Bug fix when syncing columns from outside the active academic term
  • Bug fix when generating Gradebook PDF

Report Creator Improvements

  • Ability for users to remove Shared Reports
  • Additions to the Data Dictionary
    • Online Forms Submitted Email and Reference Number
    • Fee Tracking Due Date
  • Bug Fix when reporting on deleted Online Form Submissions

Other General Improvements

  • Ability to schedule tasks weekly
  • Future support to increase the minimum number of students for subscriptions
  • Improved Support for deletion of Meal Types in Lunch Orders App
  • Support for Conflicts in the Simplified Scheduler via the App Store
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fix when viewing Online Form Submissions
  • Support long category names in the Gradebook
  • Bug fix when generating Missing Grades / Ds and Fs Report
  • Improve file name when accessing report cards from student record
  • Bug fix with Attachments in Email History

NOTE: We had to two patch releases since our last major release on September 7:

  • Sept 15 – QuickBooks Improvements
  • Sept 11 – Assignments for Parent Portal

LMS Improvements

The Assignments Submissions page for teachers now includes an area to enter grades, while automatically appear in the Gradebook:

Enter Grades into the Gradebook directly from the Assignments module

Students now have access to the Revision History when viewing submissions from their portal:

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Quickschools Basics: New User Guide

September 24, 2020

As with many other systems, there are certain aspects of Quickschools that all users need to be familiar with. Below, we share details useful to all new users, including:

Logging In

Before you begin using Quickschools, you first need to be invited to join the school’s existing account. Only school administrators will be able to send an invite, so you may need to contact the school directly.

The invitation will be sent to the email address the school has on file for you. The email will include the school’s unique URL, your username, and your temporary password. Be sure to save the URL as it will be needed to log in in the future.

The email will provide you with details on how to log in

After you follow the link provided, simply enter in your username and password to log in.

Enter in your username and password to log in
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What makes our Report Cards Special

September 22, 2020

The Report Cards module within QuickSchools has been a labor of love since we launched over 10 years ago. QuickSchools provides the flexibility for schools to quickly and easily customize their own beautiful report cards from our existing library of templates. And for schools that need a little something extra, we can build new templates that fit your needs exactly.

We wanted to highlight a few key features that make QuickSchools different from our competitors.

Extensive Library of Templates

We have a library of templates to choose from, each with its own use case: 

QuickSchools Library of Report Card Templates

We have templates that handle various scenarios, including:

Don’t see a template you like? Send us a sample of what you’d like your report cards to look like, and we can recommend one to you. We may have a hidden template that we can simply share with you. If you have something completely unique, we can build new templates to specification for a fee.

Different Templates for Different Scenarios

You can use different templates for different scenarios. For example, you could produce a monthly Progress Report, followed by an end of term report card, both with different templates. 

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