Nine Classroom Communication Skills Every Teacher Should Master

Every teacher knows the importance of effective communication. It’s essential for connecting with your classes, delivering lessons, and tracking student progress. Most importantly, it’s vital if you want pupils to engage with their education.

Photo by Pixabay

Still, classes and curriculums change each year, as do the kinds of tools available to teachers.

So, it’s always worth polishing up your communication skills. 

In this article, we’ve compiled the best tips for communicating with your students in 2023.

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How to Make Parent-Teacher Conferences More Fruitful

A teacher speaking to his student and parent

Parent-teacher conferences are one of the most important events in the school year. They offer a great opportunity for parents and educators to communicate and dig deep into the individual educational needs of each child. 

But it’s not always plain sailing. With growing class sizes, the time allowed for these conversations is shrinking. It can be hard to cram in all the vital information you need about each child.

Falling behind schedule is a common problem. One over-enthusiastic parent too many and teachers can easily overrun, often to the frustration of those still waiting. Inadequate planning can also leave teachers with too much or too little to talk about—and quickly turn the meeting into an awkward encounter that’s of little benefit to anyone present.

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