Testimonial from Westfall Academy in Rochester NY

During my recent trip to Farmington NY to attend the Calvary Chapel Education Associate (CCEA) East Coast Conference, I took the opportunity to visit Sr. Yasmin Kabir, at Westfall Academy in Rochester NY. Westfall Academy incidentally is one of our first subscribers, and has been using QuickSchools since before our official launch in August 2009. They have been very supporting of our growth, as we have with theirs. Here she is sharing a few words about her experience using QuickSchools.

Sr. Yasmin Kabir shares about QuickSchools

Founded in 2004, Westfall Academy is a small Islamic school, catering to Pre-K thru 5th Grade. They have steadily grown to about 100 students this year. To find out more about Westfall Academy, you can visit their website at http://www.westfallacademy.org.

For more information about QuickSchools, come chat with us at http://www.quickschools.com

Check out more videos of QuickSchools on our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/quickschools

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