Follow up with Peter Mitchell, Corona Academy

After our initial conversation with Cheryl Mitchell, the principal of Corona Academy, we followed up with Peter Mitchell, the IT administrator of the school.

It was an enlightening conversation as Peter shared his vision for Corona Academy with regards to IT expansion. He envisions having an expansive computer lab for all the students,  a smart board for each class as well as the use of e-learning solutions that could intuitively instruct students about subjects that are easier taught using computers.

Peter also shared how he first realized they needed a school management software. He first had thoughts about implementing a school software for Corona while working with a bigger school in California. On digging a bit deeper, however, he however found that the system being used at that school wouldn’t fit very well with Corona Academy, simply because it was ‘bloated’ and not to mention quite expensive.

This realization kick-started his search for school management software which eventually led him to QuickSchools. He tried it and found the service a good fit for their school (Yeayy!!) – even for the parents who would eventually use the parent portal.

Here’s a snippet from our conversation with Peter:

“Aside from the price being much better for us… the system seemed to be better for us as well, specially being that we have a lot of parents who are not as computer savvy as you would probably need with some other programs and I think QuickSchools is pretty straight forward when it comes to getting the information you would want to get.”

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