Corona Academy finding QuickSchools a good fit

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been keeping track of the number of sign-ups to measure the success rates of the August 17th launch – the results have been great so far.  Of the many schools that have signed up, we specially want to highlight Corona Christian Academy, because their adoption rate of QuickSchools was just amazing. They had their school account up and running within just 5 days – teachers, students, attendance and even grading.


Corona Christian Academy has been operating in Queens, New York for the last 4 years and has a count of 36 students who attend grades 1 to 10 along with the Kindergarten. They’re very keen on incorporating IT into the school’s everyday activities, all the way from managing the school to teaching kids.

This is what Cheryl Mitchell, the principal, has to say about the teachers’ experience so far

“… when we’re doing report cards, instead of having to total all the grades and everything like that they just put in grades, and it (QuickSchools) does the totals for them, so they just love it.”

The school previously used Excel to manage all their tuition fees, and upon using QuickSchools, they found that that the Fee Tracking feature makes it much simpler to carry out billing. Another feature that Cheryl likes to use is the Report Cards feature as it gives her visibility on the progress of activities.

“That’s another thing I like, is the fact that I am able to as the principal, to go on and check and make sure that my teachers are entering grades…”, says Cheryl Mitchell.

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