Is the digitalization of school management in today’s world a need?

digitalization of school management for schools

Digitalization is the act of applying digital technology to everyday tasks to make lives easier. This includes automating tasks previously done manually, such as using a software program to generate reports instead of spreadsheets or manual processes. It could also involve using digital devices to complete tasks previously done offline. One example, an application on your smartphone to place your food orders at a restaurant instead of having waiters write down customer orders from every table. This begs the question, is digitalization in school management a need?

Digitalization in education refers to using desktop computers, mobile devices, software applications, the internet, and other digital tools in the teaching and learning process to improve efficiency and productivity.

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How do school management systems help schools?

How do school management systems help schools

A school management system is essential for schools to run more smoothly and efficiently. Especially with a centralized platform, teachers and staff members can seamlessly collaborate and stay connected. But how exactly do school management systems help schools? 

With an SMS or also known as a student information system, schools can easily stay on top of things. Managing and tracking student records can be done effortlessly. An SMS, like QuickSchools for instance, could also streamline administrative tasks such as registration and fee payments. This will directly contribute to an increase in the school’s productivity. Additionally, an SMS can also help facilitate communication between the school and students’ families, allowing everyone to stay up-to-date on the latest school happenings. 

Let’s take a closer look at some interesting features that holistic school management systems can offer to help schools as well as other educational institutions.

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The positive and negative impacts of utilizing ChatGPT and how to embrace it

The positive and negative impacts of utilizing ChatGPT

We’re sure many of us are familiar with this new technology since its birth in late 2022. We have also personally tried it out! So let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? ChatGPT has stirred up a lot of heated debates and discussions on social media. Many others voiced their personal opinions on this AI technology. Today we will be discussing the positive and negative impacts of ChatGPT on students and how schools can embrace it. Or if they should? 

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How to Keep Student Families Happy and Ensure Returning Students

how schools can ensure families stay happy

In our ideal world, for a school, there is no other satisfying moment than to see your student, who used to be a 6th grader, now become a high school graduate. Perhaps you even knew them since Kindergarten! It is a harsh reality that sometimes parents do take their kids out of a school. The reasons behind them enrolling their children in a different school may vary. It could be reasons unrelated to the school’s performance. For instance, parents have to be relocated for career-related reasons hence they have to withdraw their child from the current school. However, there are also parents who are unhappy in their current school which results in families leaving schools. 

Today, we will be discussing efforts that can be made in order to keep student families happy and ensure returning students for the following semesters. Since the students and their families are the reason the school is open, it is important to understand why they may leave and how you can prevent this from happening. 

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Our Top 10 Must-Watch Movies and TV Shows Highlighting Education

movies to watch about education

Before moving on to our Top 10 movies and TV shows that highlight education and life lessons, we’d like to address the importance of educational apps and software that are elevating the teaching and learning experience. Living and breathing in the 21st century is synonymous with the era of technology. It is highly vital to seize the opportunity to utilize these readily available tools to further expand learning horizons. This expanding phase of school software and the array of digital tools are creating a novel learning experience. Helping to enhance students’ learning experience drastically.

Gone are those days when education was just about learning from a textbook or sitting in a classroom staring at the blackboard for hours a day. Now, education has adopted a new way of imparting knowledge and art with  media playing an integral role in it. Movies are not just a form of entertainment. They can also be used as a modern teaching tool to underline and address educational issues.

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