The positive and negative impacts of utilizing ChatGPT and how to embrace it

The positive and negative impacts of utilizing ChatGPT

We’re sure many of us are familiar with this new technology since its birth in late 2022. We have also personally tried it out! So let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? ChatGPT has stirred up a lot of heated debates and discussions on social media. Many others voiced their personal opinions on this AI technology. Today we will be discussing the positive and negative impacts of ChatGPT on students and how schools can embrace it. Or if they should? 

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Special Event: QuickSchools’ Teacher Training Month!

We know that a lot of our teachers are busy ramping up for the new 2022-2023 school year. No worries, QuickSchools is here to lend a helping hand!

🦚 We’re proud to announce August as QuickSchools’ Teacher Training month. During this month, we’ll be hosting two live, FREE webinars especially crafted for teachers. More details below:

Introduction to QuickSchools for Teachers on August 18th

The Introduction to QuickSchools webinar will give teachers an overview of what QuickSchools has to offer. You’ll learn how to navigate through the screens and what resources are available to help you explore our software further. This webinar will be useful for teachers who are new to QuickSchools. The curriculum will include:

  • Logging into QuickSchools
  • Overview of the following teacher-related modules in our SIS: Attendance and Gradebook
  • Overview of the following LMS modules: Lesson Plan, Class Discussion, and Homework
  • Private Messaging
  • Getting Help

This webinar will only provide an overview of the italicized modules above, as we offer separate webinars that cover these modules in depth (see our 2022 webinar series).

The curriculum for this webinar is based on the paid training curriculum that we offer to newly subscribed schools. Please take advantage of this FREE training offer!

Mastering the Gradebook on August 25th

The Mastering the Gradebook webinar is suitable for all levels of users (from beginners to advanced). We’ll go through a brief 5-minute overview of basic Gradebook activities, before moving on to intermediate and advanced topics. Key discussion points include:

  • Gradebook basics: adding columns and formulas, and grading (re-normalizing and weighted grades)
  • Configuring the Gradebook settings: icons and optional tools
  • Communicating with students and parents: sharing feedback, and private vs public comments
  • Transferring grades from the Gradebook to the Report Cards
  • Alternative grading: Standards-based and Self-paced

Both webinars will be interactive. Post questions and answer polls during the 30-minute presentation session, and discuss topics further during the follow-up, 30-minute Q&A session.

In addition, both webinars are scheduled for 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT. You can sign up for either webinar or both. Log on to your QuickSchools account and click on the sign up button(s) on the Teachers’ Lounge page.

7 new digital tools that can help the education industry today

digital tools like e-learning used for education

Technology has been making its way and changing our lives for the better. Especially in the teaching industry, education technology has been tremendously increasing. More innovations and enhanced developments are being introduced to us with every passing day. It is interesting to see what the new year has in store. 

Recently the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) 2022 showcased some new digital tools the education sector can use today. Technology helps the faculty and students in how they learn, especially in today’s world.

Here are some of the digital tools we thought you would definitely want to look into!

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March Webinar: Engaging Students and Parents

We’re excited to announce our upcoming March webinar – Engaging Students and Parents. This is our first webinar in 2022 that’s dedicated to teachers. It’s also a newly developed webinar, crafted to help teachers effectively communicate with students and parents. 

This webinar is suitable for all levels of users. Key discussion points include:

As per usual, our webinar is interactive. Post questions and answer polls during the 30-minute presentation session. Engage in more detailed discussion during the follow-up, 30-minute Q&A session.

Engaging Students and Parents is scheduled for Thursday, March 24 at 11 AM (PDT) / 2 PM (EDT). Register by logging on to your QuickSchools account. The registration link is available on the Teachers’ Lounge page.

Don’t forget to join us. We look forward to seeing you!

QuickSchools Webinar Series for 2022

We’re pleased to announce the schedule for our Monthly Webinar Series for 2022. We’ll be continuing with our webinar series by building on our past success. This means that we’re updating the discussion points for our most in-demand topics from previous years, as well as offering 4 brand new topics. Here’s the current list of topics and dates:

Schedule updated on August 30, 2022

*************** Winter break in November & December ***************

Please note that the topics above are subjected to change based on demand and feedback. 

Our webinars are typically held at 11am PT / 2pm ET, on the third Thursday of the month. In addition, we’ll be maintaining the well-received format introduced last year – 30-minute interactive presentation, followed by 30-minute Q&A session. 

We’re excited to bring these webinars to the QuickSchools community for FREE. We hope that you’ll take advantage of this opportunity. Registration is usually opened 3 weeks before the scheduled webinar date. Don’t forget to mark your calendar!