Your school or college schedule and how to maintain it easily

learn how to maintain your school or college schedule with simple clicks of a button

Have you had a hard time maintaining your school schedule? Well, you’ve landed on the right page!

When it comes to scheduling, it really is a tedious task. So much work and effort that sometimes even all that hard work is not enough. The hours spent trying to perfect your schedule but at the end of the day, you still have to deal with clashes. This would cause a delay for your other tasks and (worst case scenario) you might even have to start from scratch. Maybe you just have not found the right scheduler to fit your scheduling needs and we’re here to put your worries to rest.

Whether your classes are held online, in-person, or you’re even conducting hybrid classes, we’ve got the simple solution to your scheduling troubles. With QuickSchools, we offer you the complete tools to get your day going with no more setbacks! Choose from either a straightforward scheduling system usually used for elementary to middle schools, to a more complex scheduling software also known as a master schedule commonly found in high schools of public school districts and colleges. 

QuickSchools different schedules to aid all types of schools

QuickSchools offers two scheduling modules. One known as “Simplified Scheduling” and second the “Master Scheduler”. The Master Scheduler, also known as Orchestra, handles more complex scheduling needs. Both these modules offer a drag-and-drop interface, conflict tracking, and personalized schedules in PDF format.  

The intention of our online software is to emphasize its simplicity. It is important to us that our timetable is easy to navigate. We developed our automatic scheduler to ease your burden of curating the ideal timetable for your school. As easy as keying in student information into the system, our algorithm will create and design a schedule automatically. 

The beauty of our scheduling system is that it will notify you of possible clashes while you are working on the schedule. Instead of you having to find clashes after hours of plotting, you can deal with clashes on the spot. With just a click (or a few, it’s really up to you), you can drag and drop classes to see which period would suit your school best. Simple, smart, and saves so much time.  

With the right scheduling software, you are able to keep track of student classes, activities, teaching hours, and also break time with ease. Definitely more organized and productive for a greater learning experience!

If you’ve struggled with scheduling you know it takes a village to come up with a schedule that fits all. We allow multiple users which makes collaborating effortless. It’s teamwork made easy with our user-friendly interface. Students can even view their schedules immediately after you click the publish button. 

Differences between the simplified schedule and master schedule 

The main difference between our Simplified Schedule and Master Scheduler is that the Simplified Schedule is used when students are certain of subjects they will be taking, usually in Elementary and Middle schools. Orchestra is used where students will be requesting their own subjects to take, for example in High School or College.

The Simplified Schedule consists of one new screen, where you can easily drag and drop subjects based on the existing subjects the students are taking. The school admin will simply enroll students directly into subjects and students cannot request their own. The Simplified Schedule is used for assigning subjects to respective periods. It is a simple algorithm for assigning subjects to available slots. Most schools would use the drag-and-drop function to build this schedule.

Orchestra on the other hand consists of several new screens. You can drag-and-drop courses based on future course offerings, as well as assign sections to students based on course requests and available sections. In addition to sections, this Master Scheduler supports courses, departments, subject areas, and even venue/rooms. It supports the ability to bulk create and assign Course Requests from students, as well as the ability for students to submit their Course Requests via the Student Portal. Orchestra is a more flexible algorithm to assign sections based on Singletons, Doubletons, and Block Sections/Courses. Orchestra can also be compatible with any student information system you or your district may already be using.

As stated above, Orchestra also offers the drag-and-drop function just like the Simple Schedule which can be used to assign courses to teachers and periods. But we do recommend to using the built-in algorithm for an automated Master Schedule! Everything is organized with a click of a button. 

Extra tips to help support your school schedule 

Now you’ve got the right technology to help you out! But how do you continue to maintain your school schedule? It is important to always have a long-term view of things. Your future plans, as in new subjects you will offer next semester or even new clubs you plan to have. Perhaps even building certain faculties for new hires. 

Some projects need more attention, a longer time to develop, and hence it is best to always plan ahead. Have a list of your long-term priorities and keep them in view when scheduling. While it is important to anticipate and keep ahead, set out short-term priorities so that you do both. Focus on immediate goals whilst preparing for upcoming semesters.

On top of setting your school priorities straight, it is also crucial to ensure efficient time management in utilizing school hours. Proper classroom management helps the transition between different classes to go smoother. Lack of planning can waste teaching time. For example, teachers travel to completely different campuses for another class. With proper scheduling software, you get to plan in advance for smoother transitions between lessons. Teachers can also have class materials ready beforehand to maximize learning hours.

With QuickSchools, you no longer have to dread the process of creating your ideal timetable. We are here to help you make the most of your time by helping you curate your schedule. Just hop on board for a free trial for either scheduler and we will take care of the rest for you. Effective time management not only helps student learning processes but also increases your school productivity.

What are you waiting for? Setup and automate with QuickSchools today! 

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