How a Master Schedule can help improve your College productivity

Academic productivity is important for institutions. It shows that contributions made by universities are for the betterment of student learning and it increases over time. There are many practices to help improve academic productivity. The biggest aspect that helps is technology. We will be sharing how an Online Master Scheduler, (OMS), connected to your student information system, can improve productivity in your university. 

As an institution, especially tertiary education, universities offer a long list of courses to students. Students can have a combination of a major or minor in different degrees. The issue with having a lot of course options for students is ensuring there’s flexibility and ability to accommodate students. Scheduling can be a daunting task when dealing with conflicts for every student. Especially when your method is outdated. 

It All Starts with the Master Schedule

Having an up-to-date online master scheduler can help to enhance academic productivity. It offers a real-time, cloud-based system where stakeholders can share updated information at any given time. Having an OMS helps build a dynamic master schedule, ensuring that teachers are matched with the correct students. It’s important to be able to identify which students require extra help and how teachers cater to their academic needs. Using an OMS will also save everyone a lot of time. Teachers can then allocate that saved time to collaborate and work on their lesson plans.  

More Than Just Saving Time

Despite popular claims, technology can do so much more than just help you to save time. It can be a tool for flexibility; guiding you to design a schedule specifically for your university and your scheduling needs. It is important to note that saving time is a bonus point. The main focus is to achieve the results you desire. The right master scheduler could enable you to incorporate your priorities into the master scheduling process. No matter how complex or how impossible you think it is, an online master schedule can handle it.

Plan ahead for future semesters with a master schedule

With less time spent on designing the schedule, you can get ahead of the game and plan for future semesters. You can also keep a lookout for areas you need to improve on for the coming semesters. It could be hiring more teachers and staff to cater to your growing amount of students. It can even be in helping to save them time to improve their lesson plans. An online master schedule truly helps you thrive towards efficiency. 

Impact of Prioritization

Every year, institutions would come up with an evaluation to decide the areas of improvement. From here, they can set goals aligning those areas. When using an OMS, a school leader is more capable of knowing exactly where the priority is. Instead of usually having to be thinking about getting the schedule finished. The important priority shifts. School leaders can now intentionally examine other high-priority tasks instead, such as staffing, rosters, and section placements.

Engaging the Entire Team

The scheduling process requires input and insights from everyone. From teachers and department leaders, counselors, and the administrative staff. With an OMS, collaborating on a single platform makes it more convenient. Every stakeholder doesn’t have to go through the hustle and bustle of manually updating everyone when every change is made. Each stakeholder can make real-time edits that everyone can see right away. This helps greatly, especially those stationed on different campuses, or even for universities that are fully online

Student happiness and satisfaction is key to a successful institution. It truly is a win-win scenario when students are happy with their choices. By the university providing flexibility, this makes it possible. Working towards the improvement of academic productivity is a choice all great institutions should make. Invest in an Online Master Scheduler today, and you will see how it will all just fall into place.

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