New Release – May 3, 2021

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • New Orchestra Subscription Plan for Master Scheduler only, includes 
    • New Login Page
    • Updated Footer and links
    • New Features Page
  • Display Section Assignments in Student and Parent Portals
  • New Printable Section Assignments PDF
  • Improve Course Catalog Importer to support updates

Other General Improvements

  • Email Templates from Student Profile (see below)
  • Automatically Match Courses in Google Classroom Course Mappings
  • Ability to disconnect to Google Classroom
  • System checks for existing emails for new Trial Sign-Ups
  • Miscellaneous Fixes when creating new Trial Accounts
  • Generic Importer for Tests & Assessments (BETA)
  • Custom Background Image (BETA)
  • Improve reporting on Lunch Ordering app (for Pending/Cancelled Orders)
  • Improve how announcements can be hidden
  • Improve display of transactions on Billing History page
  • Support Enrollment Date in Students API Resource
  • Continue Framework Improvements for Emails
  • Fix Non-School Days on Attendance Calendar for Group Schools
  • Fix Scheduled Google Classroom Sync
  • Fix Gradebook Template with Scale Score
  • Fix Displayed Date for Attendance Not-Yet-Taken Notifications (BETA)

Email Templates from Student Profile

We have long supported Email Templates, for various modules. We’ve not extended this support to the student record:

When accessing a student record, there is now a “Email Profile” link, that will allow you to use Email Templates to send emails. For more information on our Email Templating capability, check out the link below:

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