New Transcript Templates

In our effort to provide more options to build professional looking transcripts, QuickSchools is proud to announce 4 new transcripts to add to our library of templates:

Selection of Templates for Transcripts in QuickSchools

These are Year-Based transcripts, meaning that QuickSchools will consolidate courses within the academic year based on the course name. This configuration is set under “Transcripts” > “Transcript Configuration”:

Configure Transcripts in QuickSchools

So for example, if you have a student that takes Algebra for 4 quarters within the academic year, the Algebra course will appear as a single record on the transcript. However, based on your configuration, you can display grades in 4 columns (for 4 quarters), 2 columns (for semesters), or 1 single column (for final year grade).

Quatro Cognition

Supports schools with 4 quarters. Can display averages for the semester, or for the year, or both:

The “Quatro Cognition” template supports Year-based transcripts with 4 quarters

Triple Recognition

Supports schools with 3 trimesters. Displays columns for each trimester. Can also display a final year average:

The “Triple Recognition” template supports Year-based transcripts with 3 trimesters

Twin Perception

Support schools with 2 semesters. Displays columns for each semester. Can also display a final year average/

The “Twin Perception” template supports Year-based transcripts with 2 semesters

Basic Professional

Supports schools with any number of semesters. However, display only a single final grade for the year:

The “Basic Professional” template supports both Year-based and Semester-based transcripts

This template also supports semester-based configuration, where each term appears in its own section, and grades are reported for each term.

If you need help choosing or configuring a template for your transcripts, be sure to chat with our awesome support team. We look forward to seeing you online.

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