New Transcript Template Features

The new templates for transcripts that we released yesterday have a few common sections that may be useful for schools. If you’re new to QuickSchools, here’s a quick rundown of the new sections:

  • Credits by Category
  • School Section: Tests & Assessments
  • Student Section: Extra-Curricular Activities
  • COMING SOON: Community Service

Credits by Category

You can now set up categories within each student transcript, and the system will add up all credits for subjects with the category name in the subject name. For example, if you set up one of the category names as “Spanish” (example below), the system will find all courses with the keyword “Spanish” in the name (across all academic years), and will add up the credits for those courses:

Set up Categories and display Credits for each Category in the Transcripts

This setting is currently on a per student basis. This means that you can set up different categories for each student. But you do have to set up the categories for each student individually. The values can also be manually overwritten.

Tests & Assessments (Custom School Section)

The “Test & Assessments” section is what we call a Custom School Section. This means that you can use the “Customize Template” function to add rows to this table, and it will be applied to all student transcripts. This is useful for areas where all students need the same entries, but different scores/values for each entry:

Custom School Section to standardize entries for all student Transcripts

In this example, all students will have an “SAT” and “AP” record, but each student will have a different date and score for each record. You can also override the name, but you can’t add/remove records for each student.

Extra Curricular Activities (Custom Student Section)

The “Achievements” section is what we call a Custom Student Section. Similar to the Custom School Section, you can add entries to a table. However, this is done on a per student basis. So different student can have a different number of records:

Custom Student Section to customize entries for individual student Transcripts

Clicking on the header will allow you to add new records. You can also remove records for each student. The name of the section can also be relabelled via the “Customize Template” function,

Community Service (Coming Soon)

We have a Community Services App that tracks hours for Community Service, as well as other activities and awards. We are working on a way to have this information automatically flow into the Transcripts (similar to how grades from the Gradebook flow into the Transcripts). Be sure to check out this app in our App Store:

Community Service tab on the Student record

As always, please check in with our awesome support team if you need help setting up your transcripts!

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