Advanced Filtering

There is a little known feature within QuickSchools, that allows users to filter the student listing on certain modules based on a custom report from the Report Creator. You’ll need to expand the Search options to view the “Advanced Filtering” option:

Building Reports

You’ll need to have the Report Creator installed and enabled in order to use this feature. With the report creator, you can build custom reports to suit almost any scenario. We’ll illustrate a few examples below.

Here’s an example report that shows all students taking the English course:

Example Report showing Students enrolled in the English course

Here’s an example report that shows all students with the “Allergy” tag:

Example Report showing Students who were tagged with “Allergy”

Here’s an example report that shows all students with an Outstanding Balance from the Fee Tracking module:

Example Report showing Students with unpaid charges

Learn more about how to build reports via the Report Creator.

Filtering by Report

Once you have a few reports created, these reports appear as options under the “Advanced Filtering” option:

Advanced Filtering in the Students listing

Just select a report from the dropdown, and click “Search” to filter the list of students. You can also sort the students based on the sort within your report. 

Note: the “Advanced Filtering” option is also available in the Report Cards as well as the Fee Tracking modules:

Advanced Filtering in the Report Cards Module
Advanced Filtering in the Fee Tracking module

By using the Report Creator, you can enhance your experience using QuickSchools to suit the specific needs of your day-to-day workflow. Do let us know if there are any other modules that would benefit by introducing the “Advanced Filtering” option.

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