New Release – July 28, 2020

Our focus for this most recent release has been mainly to do with our Learning Management or Online Learning capability. This includes our ability to integrate with external LMS, as well as building our own in-house support.

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

LMS Integration Improvements

  • Expand Control for Automatic Unenrollment for Google Classroom Integration 
  • Expand Odysseyware Integration App to include Ignitia LMS
  • Improve Error Handling with Canvas Integration App

LMS Features (early Beta)

  • Student can submit assignments online
  • Teachers can review student submissions
  • Live Stream (via integration with Zoom)

Other Bug Fixes / Improvement

  • New Semester Dropdown in Attendance Settings
  • Expand Date Filter functionality for Report Creator
  • Improve reporting on Transcripts via Report Creator
  • Expand Rich-Text support for Homework PDF
  • Fix Gradebook Column Date when copying formulas during semester activation
  • General Framework Improvements to App Store (labelling and access rights)

LMS features in Private Beta

This is now our second iteration in developing internal capabilities for Online Learning. In the last Sprint, we developed a few screens in early alpha. These screens are now in early beta, with the addition of a new Online Conferencing piece via Zoom Integration. We’ll be announcing more on these soon.

View / Join Online Meetings from Student Portal
View / Join Online Meetings from Student Portal

Support for Changing Semesters

We will be improving several screens/modules to allow users to more easily make changes from previous semesters without having to activate the previous semester. Many screens like the Gradebook, Report Cards and Scheduling modules already support selecting a previous term via a semester dropdown. But some modules like the Attendance module heavily rely on the active term in order to display (and save) information.

The first screen which we’ve updated is the “Attendance Settings” screen. If you take attendance multiple times per day, then you may use this screen to configure Subject-Based or Rotating Attendance:

New "Semester" dropdown in "Attendance Settings" page
New “Semester” dropdown in “Attendance Settings” page

Look for more improvements related to Attendance and Enrollment, where you’ll soon be able to simply select from a Semester dropdown in order to make changes.

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