New Release – Jan 22, 2020

For the next several Sprints, QuickSchools will be focusing on bug fixes, performance improvements and UI enhancements.

Here’s a list of our latest release:

  • Improved System-Wide Support for Nick Name (See below)
    • Searching for Students includes Nick Name
    • Searching Report Cards includes Nick Name
    • Searching for Student Portal users includes Nick Name
    • Searching for Parent Portal users includes Student Nick Name
    • Subject Enrollment screens now include Student Nick Name
    • Display Student Nick Name is Super User App
    • Display Student Nick Name in Private Messaging
  • Master Scheduler Improvements
    • Schedule PDF now supports Room Code
    • Bug Fix when Migrating to Next Semester
    • Bug Fix when re-installing Master Scheduler
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes
    • Improved Load Times for Transcripts (See below)
    • The “Sign-In Sign-Out” app now support Bulk Sign-Out
    • The “Graduation Status Report” PDF now supports credits for currently enrolled courses.
    • Bug Fix when using Private Messaging from Student Portal for subjects with more than one teacher.
    • Bug fix for Attendance Taken check mark for Subject and Period-Based Attendance

Improved System-Wide Support for Nick Name

For English-speaking schools where the student names are not written in the conventional latin character set (i.e. names written in Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Arabic), the Nick Name field becomes an important field for teachers and staff to identify students:

Utilize the Nick Name field when Students’ Name is not in latin character set

In these cases, system generated documents (like report cards and transcripts) will display the student’s name in their native language. But teachers will use the students Nick Name to identify students. This means that users need to be able to easily find and view students by their nick names. And so we’ve added more support for the student nick name into the various screens used by teachers and staff. For example, when searching for students in the Report Cards screen, you can use the students nick name in the search box:

Search for students based on their Nick Name

System / Performance Improvements

For this release, we’ve put a lot of focus into making the Transcripts load faster. You should see a 50% improvement in load times. We’ll be continuing to make improvements to the general performance and usability of the software. Please do let us know if there’s a particular screen you’d like us to improve further.

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