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New Release – Feb 11, 2020

February 11, 2020

As mentioned in our previous release, our primary engineering focus is to address bugs and improve the general experience using QuickSchools. So here are the latest improvements:

Major Improvements

  • Reminder to Activate Academic Term
  • Blank Screen / Clear Cache Issue
  • Customizable Auto-Logoff Feature by School
  • Expanded API support for iOS and Android Apps

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Fix error logging in when multiple academic terms are activated at the same time
  • Fix Attendance Indicator for Subject Attendance
  • Fix NULL that appears in Recipient Lists
  • Fix “Check In” filter for Library App in Report Creator
  • Fix “Date” filter for Gradebook module in Report Creator
  • Fix Table Preferences for Report Cards Criteria List
  • Fix To Do list support on Firefox
  • Fix disappearing access to Attendance for Homeroom Teachers
  • Bug fix when migrating Attendance Settings with Master Scheduler enabled
  • Bug fix for checking out books across multiple sites (in Library App)
  • Bug fix when deleting custom role still linked to teachers and staff
  • Bug fix when permanently deleting students with admissions application
  • Bug fix when using Admin Columns with Term Grades
  • Disable Attendance on Holidays for Staff users
  • Expanded Transcripts support for custom calculations using credits
  • Expanded App Store support for restricting access to modules
  • Expanded Color Scheme support for links
  • Support for Course Request Importer to exclude deleted students
  • Support for printing period start/end times in Master Scheduler PDF
  • Cosmetic fix to Parent/Siblings tab on Parent and Student Portals

Please note: We recently changed the out-going number for text and voicemails. We will soon be changing this to a 5-digit short code to avoid the Error Code 30007 (Carrier Filtering). We’ll keep you guys updated on this, as improvements are made.

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