New Release – Feb 11, 2020

As mentioned in our previous release, our primary engineering focus is to address bugs and improve the general experience using QuickSchools. So here are the latest improvements:

Major Improvements

  • Reminder to Activate Academic Term
  • Blank Screen / Clear Cache Issue
  • Customizable Auto-Logoff Feature by School
  • Expanded API support for iOS and Android Apps

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Fix error logging in when multiple academic terms are activated at the same time
  • Fix Attendance Indicator for Subject Attendance
  • Fix NULL that appears in Recipient Lists
  • Fix “Check In” filter for Library App in Report Creator
  • Fix “Date” filter for Gradebook module in Report Creator
  • Fix Table Preferences for Report Cards Criteria List
  • Fix To Do list support on Firefox
  • Fix disappearing access to Attendance for Homeroom Teachers
  • Bug fix when migrating Attendance Settings with Master Scheduler enabled
  • Bug fix for checking out books across multiple sites (in Library App)
  • Bug fix when deleting custom role still linked to teachers and staff
  • Bug fix when permanently deleting students with admissions application
  • Bug fix when using Admin Columns with Term Grades
  • Disable Attendance on Holidays for Staff users
  • Expanded Transcripts support for custom calculations using credits
  • Expanded App Store support for restricting access to modules
  • Expanded Color Scheme support for links
  • Support for Course Request Importer to exclude deleted students
  • Support for printing period start/end times in Master Scheduler PDF
  • Cosmetic fix to Parent/Siblings tab on Parent and Student Portals

Please note: We recently changed the out-going number for text and voicemails. We will soon be changing this to a 5-digit short code to avoid the Error Code 30007 (Carrier Filtering). We’ll keep you guys updated on this, as improvements are made.

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