New Release: Sprint E22

The next Sprint E23 will be the last sprint of 2019, and will run an extra week with a scheduled deployment on Dec 30, 2019. But for now, QuickSchools is happy to announce our latest Sprint E22 release.

Here’s a list of the latest improvements of Sprint E22:

  • Enable Enrollment Date by Default
    • Field is available when adding a new student record
    • Field is also available in Report Creator
  • Transcript Improvements (See below)
    • Improvement to Hiding Grades from Semester In Progress
    • Sorting Subjects Alphabetically
    • Email Notification for “Recalculate Fields
  • Canvas and Schoology Improvements
    • Ability to Search Students when mapping
    • Ability to Search Courses when mapping
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
    • Gradebook fix related to Term Grades deployed in E21
    • Report Card PDF bug fix for Hebrew
    • Semester Activation Improvements (BETA)
    • Performance Improvement when taking attendance for larger schools.
    • Fee Tracking fix when applying Standard Charge for first time
    • Library fix for teachers checking out books
    • Parent Login bug fix
    • Email Messaging History bug fix
    • App Store Billing bug fix
    • Remarks when deactivating students bug fix

Transcript Improvements

At the request of many schools, our Transcripts module has been updated to include the following new improvements:

Improvement to Hiding Grades from Semester In Progress

This feature has been available for quite some time now. We’ve enhanced the way the “Hide current years/semester in progress” feature behaves, in order to more predictably control the behaviour of generated Transcripts, especially as new academic terms are added and activated. This setting appears as a checkbox under “Transcripts Configuration”:

Transcripts Configuration

Sorting subjects alphabetically

Also under “Transcripts Configuration”, we’ve created a new setting to “Sort sort courses alphabetically“. As the name suggests, with this setting enabled, all courses in the Transcripts module will be automatically sorted based on the name of the course.

Transcripts with Subjects Sorted Alphabetically

Also note that with this setting enabled, the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons will no longer appear.

Email Notification for “Recalculated Fields” (BETA)

A little known improvement from Sprint E15 is the ability to recalculate transcripts in bulk. This feature is currently still in Beta, so let us know if you’d like to try it out. When this feature is enabled, you’ll see a “Recalculate Fields” button on the top of the Transcripts listing:

New “Recalculate Fields” feature for Transcripts

When you click on this button, the system will recalculate GPAs, Total Credits and other applicable fields for all transcripts. This is particularly useful when you’ve completed a semester, and you want to either activate a new term, or unhide the grades for the current semester in progress.

Depending on the complexity of your transcripts, and the number of students in your school, this process may take some times (and runs in the background). We’ve added a new ability to specify an email address, so that you can get notified when the process completes:

Request an Email Notification when “Recalculate Fields” completes

FYI, if you attempted to use this feature while it’s already running in the background, you’ll get a message letting you know the current progress. We will be writing up a new article to describe all the recent improvements to the Transcripts module soon.

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