The A-Ha / Eureka Moment

So we had a chance to visit a few schools in Boston last week, as we made our way from Albany to Louisville for conferences. We don’t usually come on-site to meet with schools, seeing as QuickSchools is primarily an online service/product (to keep costs low). But when the opportunity presented itself, we were greatly appreciative of the hospitality provided to us.

First off, one consistent feedback we get from schools we spoke to is that the Live Chat support is super responsive. It’s there when you need it, all day every day. The support personnel are knowledgeable and understanding of the issues faced by users. Thank you for letting us know. It warms our hearts that we’re heading in the right direction when it comes to support. But I digress…

The other common theme that we’ve encountered, which is the topic of this article, has to do with the vastness of our product. There’s so much that the system can do, coupled with the fact that new improvements are being released on a regular basis, schools don’t necessarily realize the full potential of our product. 

Don’t get me wrong, the schools we met have been long time subscribers, and already incorporate QuickSchools into many, if not most, of their day-to-day processes like admissions, enrollment, attendance, grading, fees, etc. But seeing us in person, and having more one-on-one time to really understand and internalize the nuances within your specific school processes have allowed us to share certain aspects of QuickSchools that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. 

For example, did you know that you can edit subject enrollment for a future academic term without having to keep the academic term activated? Did you know that you can send emails to students based on a particular student tag? Or that you can update transcripts automatically when Gradebooks are updated? Sometimes you’re just too used to doing things a certain way, that you forget to ask if that process can be done better.

We’ve tried our best to announce new features as they are released, which we’ll continue to do. But seeing our customers’ faces light up when they discovered something new was like an A-Ha moment (or a Eureka moment) for them, as well as for us. So in the spirit of getting schools better acquainted with our product, we’ll be introducing a new webinar series, to highlight certain areas of our product which are more involved. This webinar will also allow schools to ask questions about their specific scenarios. And we can dive deeper into these processes, so schools can get more out of their subscription.

If your school is close to one of the conferences we exhibit at, please do reach out to us. We’d love to meet you, and get some feedback on how things are going.

More coming soon!

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